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How is this "accidental" when it's a hit and run? Why are they giving up so quickly in finding his killer? Do better Chicago Police Department!

"An autopsy released Tuesday found he died of head injuries from a motor vehicle striking a pedestrian, the medical examiner’s office said. His death was ruled accidental. The man lived several blocks north of the crash site in Pulaski Park. A police spokesperson said the investigation was suspended due to a lack of leads."

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Is it just me, or does it seem that an increasing proportion of collisions between cyclists and drivers these days end with the drivers just driving away?

This is broader than bikes but indeed shows an increase of hit-and-runs even beyond those related to cycling, including pedestrians. While I don't think this study fully indexes for population growth and growth in miles traveled, it cites the increasing trend you pointed out nevertheless.  What's interesting is that when indexed for population, the risk is 4x in some states versus other.  Maine, good.  Nevada and many south/southeast states, not good.

One hypothesis is as the penalties for drunk driving increase, the incentive to flee from an incident increases.  For this particular incident, the 2am Saturday night/Sunday morning occurrence was in a high-risk time frame.

I've been watching the pedestrian/cyclist fatality stats in Chicago for a few years.  It seems 1/4-1/3 of all the killers flee the scene.  They're not human in my book.

Not human?   Perfectly understandable human behavior. 

In this litigious age, I can well understand why a driver, who ACCIDENTALLY (not on purpose) runs over a cyclist, doesn't want to hang around and become the target for personal-injury law suits from an ambulance-chasing lawyer, and possibly criminal prosecution for >.08 breath-tests and DUI charges.


Well Paul, what would be achieved by having the driver hang around?  He's not going to administer first aid.  And presumably at Irving and Kimball there's plenty of people to call police, ambulance and a bike shop.

IMO there are two issues here:  1) leaving the scene of an accident, and 2) cause of the with no lighting?  impaired driver?  unsafe intersection design?  drunk cyclist swerved into traffic?

You seem stunned that I regard the driver's urge to flee a very human response to a threat of significant loss and hassle.  I think it would make more sense to analyze 2) above...and see if there's a way to keep this unfortunate crash from happening again.


Turn in your humanity card and please, please just go live in Alaska or something. I really hope you don't honestly think this way and that you are just trolling. 


Approximately a third of traffic fatalities in Chicago are hit-and-run crashes. 

....An autopsy found he died of head injuries from a motor vehicle striking a pedestrian....His death was ruled accidental.....

Does this Sun-Times statement make sense, on any level?  Apparently the cyclist was able to walk away and talk with the police after the crash.  But why did he die because the vehicle struck a pedestrian?

And thanks for the interesting statistics ketoguy.  One could certainly guess that the midnight to 3am time period would be the riskiest time for someone to try to bike in a neighborhood filled with bars.

Here's the Streetsblog writeup, minus the "robot car" language from the Sun-Times.

For someone that spouts a lot of VC "you'll be fine if you just act right on the road" garbage, you certainly seem to be suggesting the roads in this area wouldn't be safe for any cyclist from midnight to 3 a.m.  Curious how you square those ideas as a VC backer, though I'm sure it'll be something equally offensive to your last post.  

This is pretty disturbing.  CPD called off a search for the vehicle after 10 days, and never even released a photo (which makes it sound like there actually might be one)?  That's crazy.  This is a vehicular homicide and a felony once the driver fled.  This type of investigation should never be "suspended," and especially not after less than two weeks.  



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