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What Are Your Favorite Chicago-Area Bike Lanes, Paths & Routes?

Ok, now that we've been exploring the routes we avoid in the "Dreaded Bike-Unfriendly Streets", what are routes you prefer to take? Whether you are commuting, going for a weekend bike ride, or just heading to the grocery store, do you have some favorite bike routes?

The Mellow Chicago Bike Map Updated 6/20/18 - Collaboration of The Chainlink & Streetsblog

John gives a great recap of everything we've recommended in his article. Definitely worth a read!

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Lately I've been taking Orleans to Division to Sedgwick and then taking other back raods to finally get on clark right before Wellington, and this is to get home. To go to work, I like Clark to Lincoln to Wells. I was taking that commute for a while to get home, but it's too hectic and crowded for me at evening rush hot commutes.

Favorite ride I try to do weekly is a loop of Green Bay Trail and N.Branch Trail from Uptown:

John did a great follow up article on the Mellow Chicago Bike Map in the Chicago Reader. Worth checking out. Thanks to everyone for contributing their best routes and roads - he did a great job of incorporating our input.

A good read. The north side routes are some of my favorites. Nice to know we inherently find them ourselves.

Sunnyside from Lincoln to Ravenswood.

Ravenswood is a great choice from Lincoln/Grace (just above Addison) to Bryn Mawr, though I'd use Balmoral and Catalpa instead as they're one way and not as busy if you want to get over to the lake.

Southbound you have to leave Ravenswood and use Wolcott or other-Ravenswood on the other side of the tracks, though.


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