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Bike manufacturer to bring the production of Schwinn back to the US

Bike manufacturer to bring the production of Schwinn — a brand that traces its lineage to 1895 in Chicago — back to the US

DETROIT — A Detroit bike manufacturer is expected to bring Schwinn production back to the U.S. later this month as workers begin assembling limited copies of the brand’s classic 1965 Collegiate bike.

In a partnership with Schwinn, an American brand that traces its lineage to 1895 in Chicago, Detroit Bikes LLC is building 500 bikes of the revived Schwinn model that debuted in 1965, according to The Detroit News.

“This is the first time Schwinns have been manufactured in the U.S. in a long time,” said Zak Pashak, owner and founder of Detroit Bikes. “Manufacturing has been decreasing in the U.S., and this is a big step to change that. We’re going to need to step up our game for this one. But we’re ready to take on the challenge.”

The Schwinn Collegiate to be produced in Detroit is intended to reflect “the leisurely aesthetic evoked by the 1965 version”, according to Ryan Birkicht, senior communications manager at Schwinn Bikes. The bikes will be painted in classic Campus Green.

The price will be higher than other Schwinn models, expected at $998 each. They will be available to purchase as early as August on Walmart's website, Birkicht said.

“Walmart is our No. 1 retailer,” he said.

As demand for all bikes and other outdoor equipment is booming amid pandemic restrictions, Detroit Bikes is eager to bring at least a part of the bicycle manufacturing industry back to domestic soil.

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Just buy a Waterford, which is actually a bike manufactured by the Schwinn family. Made right in Waterford Wisconsin.

I think these are  two different riders. From  what I can find it  looks like the new Collegiate will be a department store bike that is a decent city bike. Waterford  is for enthusiasts, like us. I  bought a  Continental  in  1973 after making my own lunches for  an  entire school year and banking the dollar or so of lunch money I was given so my dad could go to the factory and  purchase the bike. The  Continental was an  upgrade of the Collegiate that  had  10 speeds rather  than 5.  it was heavy but rode easy, kind of like the American  luxury cars of the era. You felt like you  could ride  it all day and  what else was there for a teenager to do? Put a generator light on  that bike so he could ride to  the lakefront for Summer evening hijinx..

They sure are two different bikes, the real difference is that the Waterford is really the Schwinn.

A Waterford is at a significantly higher price point. Most people can't "just buy a Waterford".

Most people can't buy $900 "Schwinns", either.

They don't have entry level bikes any more? That's an odd choice. I know Raleigh has a range of price points. 

Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c sold today by Walmart for $299 is what I would call an entry bike.  It has alloy frame in various sizes, 3 piece crank, derailleur hanger and a couple other thing that make it possibly worth riding and up grading as various components wear out. It has a Shimano tourney derailleur I rode one of those in the 90’s with good results.  
 The Collegiate had mild steel HEAVY frame, Ashtabula (one piece) cranks, welded on heavy kickstand, heavy steel Schwinn rims and some other “features” I was glad not to own.  
  Like many entry level bikes the “Vilano R2”  has uncommon to me shifters.  Not that they necessarily are bad shifters, but I am not familiar with click index shifted mounted near the stem.

 I admit, when I am tired near end of the day and a rise* is coming up I move my left hand to the drops tighten my grip and move my right hand to the down tube.  Then I remember I am riding one of my bikes that has some sort of click dodad shifter integrated or near the brake handle.

* Cook and Lake county have some rises, but no hills.

see you on the road


Yes, they do. They sell at Target and Walmart, among others.  (Of course, they're all sold out of bikes right now!)

A friend bought a dept store Schwinn some years back and loved hers. 

I think most "Schwinns" are much less (I don't visit WalMarts so I can't say very precisely.) This one costs what it does largely because it is made in the US. My comment was about this bike in particular, given its price.

Other details and pics if you get stuck on the other side of the Tribune paywall

Really the bike they are building as a "Schwinn Collegiate" just looks like their Cortello with different seat stays to look like a classic Schwinn.  Also V-brakes instead of disc with a hundred dollar higher price...

Marin offers a comparable commuter-ish bike for about 300 bucks less that comes with disc brakes and isn't sold at Walmart...

Thanks! :-) This is an enjoyable assessment. You are welcome to come back and review/compare makes and models any time. 


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