With warm weather coming this week what's going to be the best bypass of the eroded area along the lake? I'm thinking the west side of the South Lagoon between Fullerton and North Avenue (specifically the bridge crossing Lake Shore Drive) shouldn't add too many extra minutes and won't require any street crossings.

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If you take the detour don't follow the signs directing you to the dirt path. There are a lot of clay bogs that will mess you up. Stay on the parallel paved trail or road behind the zoo.

They put up concrete barriers along the undamaged bike path and if you head North just past North ave it forces you to go to the path that's destroyed.

The paved part along the Zoo and rowing lagoon is horrible at least on 700x25 tires 

Why bypass? It is now a nice cyclocross course. (Attempt at your own peril, btw.)

Take Fullerton East, then you can loop under Fullerton and pop out on the parking lot just before the pavement turns to dirt.  Go through the small lot to the main Zoo lot that goes South.  From there I just take paved park trails to Dearborn.  

Certainly not ideal.  I don't think they needed to block Fullerton to North...

there is considerable erosion up to and under the bike path in the circled area. unfortunately there aren't any other access points between Fullerton and North, and since the Park District put the Jersey walls on the edge of the path to protect Lake Shore Drive from waves you can't really ride up into the grass to get around the unsafe pavement.

Makes sense.  I don't want to be there when the sinkhole hits!

There's one (sinkhole) forming at Belmont Harbor

Not sure if it's because they combine Asphalt and Concrete or the water somehow forcing it's way over the steel wall and freezing and thawing.

The sinkhole at Belmont is in the exact spot where water has infiltrated beneath the pavement and "geysered" up into the air during storms.

T, have you scoped this out yet?  

After Mayoral Warning Chicago Police Shutdown Lakefront Path

CHICAGO — Hours after Mayor Lori Lightfoot threatened to shutdown city parks if people continued to disobey the coronavirus stay-at-home order, police officers shutdown the lakefront path on the North Side.

"These aren't recommendations. This isn't guidance. This is an order that's enforceable by law. We're going to give you an admonition, and if you don't ... go home, we're going to give you a citation. And, if worse, we will take you into custody," Lightfoot said Wednesday afternoon. "I hope that it doesn't come to that. I hope that I don't have to shut down the lakefront. Or shut down all the parks. But I will if we cannot get compliance. So today's the day to change your mindset."


By Mark Konkol, Patch Staff (which shouldn't surprise anyone!)

Soooo can we ride on Lake Shore Drive for those of us who normally commute on the path?


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