I know jezebel likes to be controversial, but I expect a little more nuance than this. 

Here's the email of the woman who wrote the article, perhaps we can help her think more critically about the stuff she publishes for the world to see. 


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Yeah, that article is total crap. She sounds like a spoiled child. And she's the "features editor". Is Jezebel really a thing or just muck? Also, she looks like she's twelve years old.

just muck.

I feel like you never know until you open the story: sometimes they run decent media stuff and sometimes it's this crap. I feeling like Bust is better. Or more consistent anyway.

Contrary to the author's claim, I would bet large money that she actually DOES fart.

Fortunately, Jalopnik has got that countered.

Warning - language is VERY NSFW!

ha! solid.

I really didn't have a problem with Joanna. She doesn't like bikes and seems a little precious. So be it. She does not trash bikers or bike culture. I read her piece a little tongue in cheek and seemingly admitting that she really is not all that coordinated. If I wrote a piece saying how I am very stiff and not terribly flexible and don't like to do yoga I am not trashing those who do and am not telling others they should't do yoga. I am only saying it's not my thing. On the other hand,  I have big problems with the comments. It seemed like she brought out a horde of John Kass's readers to her comment section.

I think what you said is partly what I really mean to say. 

and if I can add to that, what I really think is that because she's an editor at Jezebel and occasional Jalopnik contributor, I think she is aware of the car v. bike issue, and is fanning it to get hits and comments. 

Yup- thanks for getting us all to click on it too! Just kidding... sorta...

A child spewing stuff and adults commenting at her age level. LOL

That's pretty much how she came across. Extremely childish clickbait, and her commenters were worse - lots of Kass-level garbage. 

This is precisely the thoughtful content I expect from Jezebel. 

Remember when they broke the news about the stolen nudes of jennifer lawrence and others by [ drumroll ] linking to them? 


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