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And where have you gone? 

(At least I got in ahead of bobweiser)

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bob, you got me this year!

14.8 after Unofficial CCC New Year's Day "Weather Be Damned" Ride. damned waves!

Spent NYE outside of Nashville and got a short and very wet, but very warm and very pleasant ride of 25 miles or so at the top end of the Natchez Trace Parkway and on a nearby riverside trail.

1.64 miles. I rode to the CTA station  this morning to  finally break the ice off of  2022. At 2.56 miles I  have skied more than I  have cycled but that will be changed by tonight's ride  home. Baby steps.

Yesterday: 19.2 miles from West Loop up to Portage Park (passing through River North, West Town, Ukrainian Village, Humboldt Park, Hermosa, Belmont Cragin and then back to West Loop via Milwaukee Ave.). Then 3.5 miles to/from home/office. TOTAL: 26.2 miles

Today: 8.6 miles from West Loop to Bridgeport and then back to West Loop. Then 3.5 miles to/from home/office. TOTAL: 15.6 miles

TOTAL TO DATE: 41.8 miles

I also did an afternoon ride yesterday after work (West Loop to Lincoln Square & down to Lincoln Park): 14.6 miles

TOTAL TO DATE (1/04/22): 56.4 miles

Just a brief Divvy ride in my neighborhood. More soon...

Yesterday I rode home from the bike shop. 

111.86 after 17th Annual January Three Floyds Brewpub (and First Step) Ride. extrapolation for 2022: 1361.

185.9 outdoor miles in January. 

190.0 miles cycled (114.4 outdoor / 75.6 indoor) for January, less outdoor and more indoor miles than has been customary for a typical January of late…
842 consecutive days cycled since 10/13/2019!

444.0 miles: Actually sticking to my goal of 100 miles/week.

Rode out to Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie a few weeks ago, which was ... well, it gives one a deeper appreciation for why Illinois is the Prairie State.

did you take any pictures? at Picturing the Prairie last year i learned that Illinois may have been the Prairie State, but lots or prairie has been lost.


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