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What's it called when the Divvy rack is full and you have to circle looking for a space?

I rode Divvy today from near UIC to the Loop.

I didn't look closely and when I got to my destination, the rack was full.  So I had to circle, looking for an open rack, based on where I remembered there was other docks.

So what's that called?

"Divvy circling?"

"Umdivvy"  (that's kind of German)

"My four star was full starred"

It was a beautiful day, I didn't mind taking a few extra minutes to find an open space. But I wanted a word for "rack is full, look elsewhere" bc it's happened to me a few times.

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Good that you found a station nearby! Did you look on the app for an open station? Today I had a near miss where I was the last bike in the station and had the thought that I'm not really close to another station.

I did after I found the first one was full, but I don't generally tend to check the app (don't text and Divvy, right?)

I simply call it a PITA.

Seriously, they need to do a better job of getting the full racks emptied.

I got to the rack at the LaSalle St Metra Station yesterday to find that it was closed. I believe they're doing some construction in the area. I would up docking near the MCC.

They're demolishing a large area at the head of the platforms at LaSalle St. station. Major PITA project, as it affects tracks, schedules and the surrounding area. Because I take the train there every day, I really wish this Divvy station was available, as entering the station is only possible on the WEST side of the station until they've rebuilt the demolished area, which will be several weeks.

Especially in the loop (Jackson and LaSalle; Adams and LaSalle, and Dearborn and Adams).  I've complained to Divvy twice now, but the person who distributes the bikes must think that his job is to completely fill all of the spaces.  They're always loaded up  100%.  I do use the app, but have found that the Van Buren and Clark divvy station is usually half empty and park there.

It was Adams and LaSalle that was full, which seemed a little weird to me.  I have no idea if it was Divvy adding bikes or people "checking-in" but I was surprised.  I've had the same thing happen a few times on Michigan Ave too.  Both times, I just umDivvyed around until I found what I was looking for.

Do they often have valets at the train stations to prevent the stations from filling up?

That station does fill up sometimes. I rode there one day last week and got the last open dock.


Divvy Dockery(?)

Getting dock-blocked.

Best suggestions so far! XD

'Definitely the best of the bunch. I got dock blocked this morning at LaSalle and Jackson. They added additional racks over the past month, but it was still full. Usually this doesn't start happening until summer. 'Very frustrating.



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