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What Kind of Riding/Adventure Are You Most Looking Forward To When It Warms Up?

Sure, it's snowy and cold out but let's flash forward to a warmer month, green trees, warm weather and your bike... what would you do? Mountain bike? Road bike up to Highland? Pedal to Wisconsin? Ride the Lakefront Trail to Indiana? 

#BikeChi is the best, especially in the spring/summer/fall 

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Thanks for another great route.  I hope to ride to Bridgman this year.  This will help me get there safely;.

I think I do what Google tells me to with a few minor variations.  Its almost entirely off street trails or at least bike lanes.

Planning some CCC rides. I'm focusing on themed tours - public art, architecture and other themes. Here's an example.

Sounds SO good. Please share with us as they get scheduled. (I'm wishing I could add a heart emoji)

Most of them are already on the calendar.  Go to the CCC web site for more info.

Anne's ride looks great.  I look forward to doing some of the same kind of thing for Evanston Bike Club. I have about a half dozen rides including a newer brewpub tour where we are looking at Half Acre, Motor Row, Metropolitan and Temperance. Most of all, warmer weather means riding with less clothes and that will be a delight.

i hope to get to the Wisconsin unmeeting in July.

Looking forward to riding with my dog in the trailer. Looking forward to the naked bike ride too.

I am looking forward to taking photos with lots of color.

Fox River Trail from Aurora to Geneva and back (with a short stop at Penrose Brewing of course). Sigh.

Maybe I'll actually ride to Madison this year starting at home.  

It's such an odd thing to reminisce about, but I pray to the gods of free time that I can visit anywhere that requires riding Metra to Joliet first: the I&M Canal State Trail, the I&M Canal and Centennial Trail, the Old Plank Road Trail, and/or the Wauponsee Glacial Trail. It's been so long since I could seriously consider such a thing that I don't even know what the status of any of those are lately.


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