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The Lincolnwood path crossing to Chicago at Devon Avenue to the Sauganash Trail ("Marge's Mile) (Valley Line Trail) (Skokie Line Trail) is finally coming together.

No stop lights yet, tho a 'beg button' is installed but not labeled or working.  With the curbs removed in the street you can now wait and cross two lanes of traffic in one direction and wait safely in the middle to cross the other two lanes.

It's not quite on Google Maps yet,

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How far north of Devon does that trail go now? Does it reach all the way to Lincoln to connect to the other portion of the trail?

It will go as far as Dempster, next to the Yellow Line Station.

A rode this path, before it was finished, starting from the Weber Spur trail by Foster:

Cool! I was thinking of the Lincolnwood portion of the Weber Spur in my comment below.

My understanding is that this new trail is supposed to go as far north as Pratt.

I've been emailing the planning dept. at Lincolnwood for regular updates.  The trail is to get an overpass at Toughy soon to help with crossing there.  It does go across Lincolnwood to connect to Skokie's portion of the path.

According the long range plan for the region, the suburban planning groups are planning extending it into Glenview and Northbrook, but I think that is still very nascent.

(Also, Golf Rd is to be a regional path, from Evanston to Elgin, which I believe is part of why Evanston has made portions of Church St. a bike lane.)

That will be a nice connection up to Dempster, and even better if they follow the original path of the Skokie Valley line north all the way up to join the existing trail that starts at Lake Cook.

With that pretty much the entire North Shore system in Illinois would be bike trails.Sadly it won't get you from downtown Chicago to downtown Milwaukee in 90 minutes any more.

Amtrak does though.  Wish Metra did though, even stopping at all the stations it would be faster than going downtown from the northside and a fraction of the cost.

From Chicago, you can ride pretty much off-road on trails to Wisconsin.

North Branch trail to the Botanic Garden, exit going LEFT or west.
Take the Skokie Valley Trail north.
Turn left T-intersection on the North Shore Bike Path
When you reach the DesPlaines River, take the DesPlaines River Trail north.

You'll end up at Russell Road, about a mile south of the Wisconsin border.

Take Russell Road east about 5 miles to the Robert McClory path back to Chicago via the Green Bay Trail and the North Chore Chanel Trail.  Or catch Metra along the way to return home.

I actually rode the Des Plaines River Trail all the way to the end on Saturday.  Russell Road left a lot to be desired, no shoulder or paved shoulder in places.

Add 12 miles: east on Russell Road about a mile to the first road north.  Take that all the way up to the first road past the airport, go west again and follow Burlington Road to the express way, reasonably cheap motel Oasis Inn, bike-friendly.

Mars Cheese Factory, Subway, gas station for coffee in the morning.

In the morning, east on 38th Street (Washington Road) to 30th Avenue (Wood St.) then south to the trail - or stay on Washington to Metra. 

First train in the morning weekdays at 8:40 takes bikes.  Kenosha is infrequent, ride down to Waukegan which is really the main station for UP North.

On a budget ride another 9 miles past the expressway to the Bong State Park.  Warm showers and camping, but no feed nearby.


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