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I haven't dialed in my cold weather gear yet so I seem to be getting cold a lot. I'm starting to get used to being cold but when I get home... I took the hottest shower. It was wonderful. Fingers and toes nicely wrinkled. I think the post-cold weather ride shower is one of the best feelings. Ever.

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I would have to say the post cold weather ride "anything" is an endorphin fueled good time!

mmmm...grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup!

That's one of my favorites! Yum!

A good bike ride is visceral and sensuous. One engages directly with the universe. A ride on a cold day is the most intense in these regards!

Yup and yup!  Riding this morning at 5 am to Amlings for the Toy Ride with lights on and streets silent I was joyful on my bike. I had my down mittens (which I rarely employ) and the heaviest of my balaclavas.  Happiness heated my hands and the balaclava kept my *&#% eating grin from being seen by the nobody else who was  out there.  

"Seven reasons why riding in the cold is far more fun than it should be"

It's hard to dial in the gear when the temperatures keep bouncing around! But I've been enjoying the less-crowded roads and the good moment when I've warmed up about halfway to work. :)

So true!:-)

Bicycling Magazine came up with some good cold weather recovery meals you can be prepare using a slow cooker. I made the smoked chicken sausage and northern bean stew in a Dutch oven (on my stove) and added carrots, 1/2 onion, seasoning (cayenne pepper, smoked paprika) and garlic. Looking forward to the apple cinnamon steel cut oatmeal next. 

You can find BICYCLING magazine slow cooker recovery meals here:

mmmmm... Comfort food!

So tasty! This will definitely be going into rotation. 



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