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I took a walk today and walked along the construction area for the North Branch Trail extension.  It should be a nice trail.  These are pictures of the 1st phase construction.


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Here's a video a gentleman by the name of Carlo Ramos posted on YouTube:

Great footage -- totally worth the accidental exposure to Christian electronic dance music.

I'll be honest, I didn't pay attention to the music he used.
I was checking out the trail. I'll have to re-watch it to listen to what you are talking about.

I watched it purely because you said it had Christian electronic dance music and I wanted to know what that sounded like.

Great video - I can't wait to ride that path segment!

Where, exactly, does one access the southern end of the new section?

 n. Forest Glen Avenue next to the bridge over the Chicago river.

here is what it looked like before they put in the trail:,-87.7526639,3a,75y,302.08h,...!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s7Bu5BSj0TmJCyztIUM0fMA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

I have been asked to participate in an advisory comm. about the trail extension, and will be asking for ideas about how to connect the trail to the street network in a separate post.  However, here are a few facts to update anyone who's been following this thread:

- North Branch Trail (NBT) is fully functional from Edgebrook (Devon & Central) south to Forest Glen Ave, near 5600 N Cicero Ave.  They haven't yet painted it or stamped the gravel on the side.

- The work has begun on the 2nd phase too, but no date yet.  I'll ask for an update at the meeting on the 12th I have with the Ald. and Forest Preserve.

- The Valley Line trail extension through Lincolnwood is roughly in the same state: it's open for business but still has some finishing touches.  

- The Village of Lincolnwood is going to build a ped overpass at Touhy near Lincoln.  This is near the former Purple Hotel site, which is to be redeveloped.  There are already a bunch of signals there, so I'm guessing someone felt this was a better design than integrating with the street.  (And that intersection is horrid for peds.)  This link from Nadig has a few details, no timeline.


Thank you for the update!


"Construction On North Branch Trail Second Phase Underway, Officials Say"

The entire three-mile trail extension has been delayed twice by budget concerns.

The extension from Edgebrook to Mayfair will allow runners, walkers and bikers to travel from from the Lakefront Bicycle Path via bicycle lanes on Elston Avenue to the Chicago Botanic Gardens in the North Shore.

Forest preserve officials have warned that riders who jump the gun before the trail opens could face a $500 fine for trespassing.

Once completed, the extension of the North Branch Trail could connect to a trail being built along a defunct railway known as the Weber Spur. That project is in the initial stages.



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