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I've been boycotting this site for awhile due to it's suppression of free speech.  Also, this site is, for the most part, boring. However, there still might be some utility here to promote progressive ideals. 

Jon Ossoff is running for Congress to replace the seat vacated by Tom Price. This is HUGE. Plus, he bears a remarkable resemblance to Abraham Lincoln.  I made a respectable donation to hs campaign and I urge everyone who reads this to do the same. 

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Yes, the Chainlink IS Big Brother (insert sarcasm emoticon.)

Joe, I think your plug for Jon Ossoff would have had a good bit more force to it if you hadn't prefaced it with the first paragraph, which has the effect of making your post more about you more than about Jon.

I agree.  I will look up  Jon and see what he is all about but think the intended message of support was buried in  the complaint about the forum.  The forum is not  the  idealized public square where all can step on  a soapbox and  say whatever they want  in  any way they want so long as they don't yell "fire" in  the theater.  It is more like the semi open community that  holds a meeting in  a school where there is consideration for others who participate and where there is not  carte blanche to express oneself.  We participate this knowing the  rules and knowing that  we still like coming here. We know that some topics may be sensitive to a gender,  a religion or  a race etc. and that we  may want to think twice,  if at all,  before  chiming in.   Just as much as my opinion would have no value on  a gynecological issue I  suspect  female voices would not be wanted  if I was raising a discussion of  the realities of  rashes and other such sequelae of  a long day in  the saddle with  padded shorts...on a hot and humid day.   I  know that even if I think an opinion is harebrained I  should  not say that  the opinion giver  is harebrained.  It's really no different from telling our kids that what  they did was bad not that they are  bad. We wouldn't expect to have a cycling  Dan  Aykroyd castigating  another  rider rather  than her  argument by uttering, "Jane,  you ignorant slut."  I'm ok with  it especially because we were all  told about the  rules of  engagement.  So it is.

Truly just shaking my head. I have no problem with disagreement and respectful discourse on this site. However, there are rules for participation - pretty much every forum has them. There have always been rules. And after surveying, interviewing, and having private conversations with many people who use The Chainlink, I got some feedback - specifically from women. They want CL to be a safe place in which they could feel comfortable asking questions, discussing issues, etc. So when a woman posted a question about cycling-specific OB-GYN recommendations, it was truly a women's topic. And, as a woman, I'll be blunt - unless you have a medical degree, it's better NOT to chime in if you are not a woman. I appreciate that it was well-meaning and acknowledged it as such. I also politely and respectfully asked for the discussion to be limited to women because it was specifically about women. And here I am, months later, having you take pop-shots yet again after you called me "sexist" and I private messaged you with a warning. So, I'm sitting here, having a debate with myself over this latest post because I am concerned with how you react when women ask you to respect their space - even if it is a virtual one. Normally, I choose to handle this off-line but you keep wanting to have this out in a public forum so here it is. 

Thank you Yasmeen for working to keep Chainlink a decent space for women.  I appreciate it and I think it sucks that you get criticized publicly for that effort.  

Thanks Jen, I really appreciate the support. No worries - it comes with the territory of running a public community. :-) 

In life, as in politics and cycling, all things good are worth pursuing. The process for progressive change in all things is an ongoing battle. If we become disenchanted and discouraged and let down from our mission, our challenges only worsen.
We as a community of cyclists in our society recognize the uphill battle for positive change is a daunting task. We must persevere. Our own actions and activities every day determine what and how in the direction and quality of our lives.
In our societal and political climate today, all opinions are valuable and all voices are needed. We must keep working to create/establish/maintain a decent place for All in our community.
Today, in life, as in politics and cycling, it is apparent positive change is needed. We must All be part of that positive change.

We can encourage provocative original thinking without being troll like. Sometimes that's a fine line, but it's a necessary one in this forum.

As a Chicagoan I have much greater interest in supporting my local candidates than this man who is running for congress from Georgia.

No idea exactly what your comments means clp.
You've obviously misdirected them for a curious reason!?

SMH. This is the worst endorsement I have ever read. 

How does anyone come to the conclusion that this is the best course of action?

Goes to message board to announce my boycott of said message board, no one even noticed I was gone, I got salty, then tried to talk everyone into voting for a man that looks like Abe Lincoln. 

You must work for Trump. 

No way would Joe work for T~~~~!


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