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Sure, I have a higher powered headlight and a blinking red rear light. BUT, motorists still seem to be blind and oddly, driving too fast down narrow streets in pitch black darkness. The last week+ has been a bit unnerving. Anyone else experiencing night blind motorists and less safe conditions since the time change? 

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Thankfully it was parked and not driving along.

Wha-a-a-at? Parked in the bike lane? Here in Chicago?!?

Glad it wasn’t actually as scary as the picture looks!

I have one of those Pro-Vis 360 jackets and was wearing it last year in the fall on Lawrence after dark.  A driver pulled up besides me and commented on how he could see me for almost a half mile away.  He said it really worked!

I saw this and went on eBay and picked up a winter jersey, with similar qualities, from the same company.  Thanks for the post!

I was tired of making my lights look like a car. I wear a high-viz vest 3/4 of the year (not in high summer) and even with lights it wasn't enough.

About a month ago I got this. Love it. I look so weird that I have noticed more people stop for me than otherwise.

Fits in my handlebar bag quite well and I've been happy with it.

I fully agree with you Yasmeen. I love bike commuting, but I had two near misses right after the time change while riding Divvy, and in both cases I believe reduced visibility played a role. The lighting on Divvy bikes is not great, and I suddenly felt like the likelyhood of being hooked or doored, especially during the evening commute, was way higher. 

I'll continue riding on weekends through the winter as much as I can, but my M-F commuting will (sadly) be on CTA for the next few months. 

Always more dangerous at night but I feel it spikes this time of year.  Maybe it's everyone (including me) who gets grumpy when it gets dark at 4pm!

Question - has anyone considered a high powered air horn or the like (something like the AirZound?) to use while biking in the city?  I feel like a bell only cuts it on the LFP and I need something more angry noticeable for the countless pedestrians and drivers who try to left- and right-hook, beat lights, block lanes, etc.  And if so, have they been effective/what would you recommend?

I have a 400 lumen front light, blinking rear red light, and two bright Monkey Lights on my wheels.  But I feel non cyclists continue to be oblivious.  Maybe I am just being too grumpy by the lousy winter-weather too?


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