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To keep warm:

I was wearing my soccer scarf then inserting my face in it, but recently experimented with a neck gaiter.  It is stretchy and light and when you exhale warmth out while under it, you can keep your face warm.

My hands were hurting until I got a new pair of winter gloves that were cozy inside. Made all the difference. 

I have found that breaking wind (pardon the pun) makes all the difference too. In 20F even a normal button down shirt and my leather jacket which is wind resistant was enough.  Two thin layers under a thin windproof rain jacket should do it too. Breaking wind is the key.

I wear jackets that have a hoodie I can wear under my helmet for ear protection. Keeps the whole head comfy. 

I found that for some reason just ordinary pants keep you warm enough in 20F but below that I need rain pants as a second layer over or sports tights as a first layer under. Legs seem much more resistant to cold than hands. 

I see bikers with swim goggles. Haven't tried those yet but plan to, must really help with cold eyes and vision? 

I can't stop my eyes from tearing or my nose from running - just have to put up with that!

And no snow yet - that's another kettle of fish! 

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Hey, SlowCoach, how far is your commute.  That also makes a difference on the ride gear.

Bar mitts, or pogies, are my key winter gear.  My hands suffer the worst and these make a huge difference.

I have a several base layer shirts from Eddie Bauer that are great. The ones with the collar and short zipper and heat-reflecting fabric in the inside are the best.  With these, I don't wear a jacket until its 25 or below. Pricey, so look out for sales.



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