Are they any other regular users of the newish Elston protected bike lanes...north of Milwaukee ave? I've been a bit deflated (pun intended) by the amount of debris and glass, and general total absence of maintenance to the Elston bike lanes. Before the bike lanes, that roadway benefitted from very regular street sweeping. Now, the bike lanes have been sectioned off, and are a bit of a glassy mess. Does anyone who reads this blog have a relationship with city officials responsible for maintenance? Is there any hope even minimal sweeping can be done? I haven't had any luck through 311. And plan on investing in some more puncture proof tires soon out of necessity. 

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OK, so what would be a reasonable user fee for a bike? $5? 'Not going to collect a ton of $$$ at that rate. $10? Still not going to make much of a dent. 'Certainly not enough to cover the construction of bike lanes and their upkeep.

I don't have kids, so don't get me started on paying for services that I don't use.

Oh geez. Are we really going to have this argument again? Bikes don't wear and tear on the streets. They don't pollute. They are great for health, mental health, traffic reduction, the environment, and people that can't afford a car and/or CTA. Why would you feel a need to tax bikes? 

Let's leave the money issue aside--we won't solve Chicago's financial questions on The Chainlink -- and use the tools we have now...the political process, phones/311, and our own actions.

If everyone who has complained about this stretch calls 311 or Waguespack's office, we may get somewhere.

I sent an email the other day.  I'll call his office tomorrow or stop by since it's on the Clyborn bike lane.

I complained about parking on Rockwell & Addison once and it was eventually fixed.  We just have to be diligent and ask for the services we want.  It doesn't happen by magic.

I take Elston every evening from the Loop to Lawrence (then west a few miles) and honestly it is not that bad.  Nothing to get upset about.  There is WAY more debris, broken glass and car pieces on Milwaukee.  If there is a movable obstruction I move it.  Is it the southbound bike lane on Elston with all the problems?  

I got some reports that cleaning that done. Hard to tell if that's true. Lots of glass where car windows have been broken out. I swept a bunch away as best I could in a few areas with a piece of cardboard. Seems ok right now. I was venting a bit after flat tires. Went out and bought some Schwalbe Marathon tires with extra flat protection. Now the glistening glass doesn't bother me quite as much. 

I rode to Evanston on Sunday and the PBLs on Dodge and Sheridan were all clear and salted. I rode downtown and back from the north side yesterday and they were all good on Milwaukee.

The Washington St PBL was basically clear mid-block, but there were piles of snow near the intersections. I saw a city worker hand shoveling the snow this morning at Washington and LaSalle.

Elston from Division to Milwaukee and then south on Milwaukee was all clear on Monday AM

Has anyone used the Elston PBL since it's snowed? Thinking about taking on the commute home today...

I'm reviving this old thread because the area we were debating about not getting enough street sweeping now appears like it is going to be the entrance for some new retail? The center of the "elston hook" is being developed, which I noticed when I went by the other day and the PBL was blocked entirely by a cement truck.

I don't know if this is current, but if true, it is going to suck: a Panera and Chick-Fil-A.


Also, yuck. 

I'm sure the indoor golfing thing is fun, but this will look like crap and be surrounded by a parking lot.

More auto-centric development in a corridor that is already dominated by big-box/parking lot garbage. 

I'm curious to see what the site plan is. I have not been able to find it, but maybe I'll go take a look at the site in the next few days.


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