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How is this "accidental" when it's a hit and run? Why are they giving up so quickly in finding his killer? Do better Chicago Police Department!

"An autopsy released Tuesday found he died of head injuries from a motor vehicle striking a pedestrian, the medical examiner’s office said. His death was ruled accidental. The man lived several blocks north of the crash site in Pulaski Park. A police spokesperson said the investigation was suspended due to a lack of leads."

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With the  every increasing reality of  cameras at intersections aimed at the  streets I  find it weird that there is simply crickets,  nothing. No leads. The time of day seems to  me to  make it easier to find a suspect vehicle. There are  less of them at this time of day. 

There is no camera showing  a vehicle matching  the description  the victim was able to  give?  Strange.  Just last week I  was talking with a friend who never uses the  Go Pro his  kid give  him  as a  gift.  I agreed thinking, "it's kind of cool, but would I use it?" I wonder  if I need to  revisit that thought  process. Yes, this would be for litigation  purposes.  If I get erased from the street and my body and  bike mangled I want my wife and  my daughters to pursue the driver  of that vehicle.  It will not do me any good but it would do something for them. It will not get me back and it will  not erase the pain in their hearts but it's the  best we can  offer and they would deserve something for my erasure and for the loss of one of the people who was contributing  to the household.

Let's reverse this. I am driving home late at  night and I hear a bad sound  and  see that I have hit a bike and it's rider is on the ground. Nobody else is there.  If I drive away I cannot  help that rider who's life may depend on getting  prompt  medical  attention. If I  drive away I may have done nothing  wrong before (perhaps it was the cyclist's fault) but I have  no surely broken the law by fleeing and done something I will have too live with in hitting  and running. If I drive  away I will  make any question  of whether  my behavior was right  or wrong when my vehicle hit that bike more loaded against me because innocents don't run,  do they?.  If I drive away I will  be the inhuman person  who has no value for another   life.  Yeah, I am  sticking  around even  if it may cost me a license to drive or my license to  practice law or money or worse. 

Alas, more than half the Chicago fatal hit & run cases never get solved.

What's maybe more incredulous is that while we'd contend that both are too low, the fatal hit and run solve rate is better than the homicide rate, by more than2x.   (45%H&R versus <20% homicide - the rate moves around and is ofter lower)  Related reading:

I am not a medical professional, but my understanding is that after initial injury things can be OK, person conscious, etc. but the swelling in the brain can increase and cause subsequent death.

I've been staying away from the convo on purpose (trying to take a little break) but just wanted to say this... if you ever hit someone with your car, please call it in and get the person help. People do die because they didn't get medical attention in time. Also, hold their hand, be there for them. 

You have car insurance and if you are selfish enough to only worry about being sued, that's what it is there for. And don't worry about losing your license or going to jail because that's not how that EVER goes down in Illinois and many other states. Leaving the scene is pretty much the worst thing you can do - for the victim, for yourself, legally, and for the family of the poor human. 

If I am dying, laying on the street, I hope someone holds my hand and tells me I am awesome as I die. And just in case I can be saved, please call 911 because I'd really like to live. My dog needs her mom and I love life SO much. Much like everyone else that rides a bike or is a pedestrian - we all have loved ones, we are all human so for the love of EVERYTHING please please please don't ever leave the scene of the crash. And if you are a witness to a hit and run, please help the victim even if it is to hold their hand and talk to them while you are waiting for an ambulance. These things are important. 

Right on.

Yes, these things are very important.

If you are a witness in ANY crash, please give the victim your contact info (name and phone #), even if you can't stick around. Don't count on police to accurately record your witness statement or include your contact info in the crash report. Please, PLEASE give the victim your info.

If it's a hit and run and you saw the license plate # and can provide any information, please write that info down so you can share it with the victim. Do give that info to police in a hit and run. Let's improve the odds of the driver being identified and held accountable for the damage they caused.

The victim has been identified as Vincent Tran, 26, of the 6100 block N. Kimball Avenue in the Pulaski Park neighborhood.


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