I don't see any posting in the "Upcoming Rides and Events"

I didn't see any ride reports or information about the January ride.

Has the Critical Mass movement been discontinued, just like the Auto Show Shutdown?

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Cyclists and cycling advocates are working diligently to demonstrate to people - particularly motorists - that cycling doesn't cause traffic congestion. Setting out to prove to everyone that cycling causes congestion - by intentionally causing such congestion like this - is not in the interests of cycling.  

So what are you suggesting?  Should we all drive our cars, or rent one, and drive around Delay Plaza on the last Friday of the month instead?

It's just a bike ride.  The intention isn't to cause congestion. Nobody is intentionally trying to cause congestion.

It isn't just a bike ride.  I go on bike rides all the time and don't cause traffic jams.  These cause traffic jams, and not accidentally nor incidentally.  

As a result, these generate a dislike for cyclists among some motorists who might otherwise be indifferent or sympathetic.  In worst case scenarios, that lack of sympathy doesn't promote safety and can even create resentment, and that works against cycling in the political sphere, which adds to why it's not good for the broader cycling community.

rah, bah, bah. 

In the same way that cars "blowing through stop signs and red lights down Elston" isn't "intended to cause injury to cyclists or pedestrians," I guess.  No motorists wants to deliberately hurt anyone.

And, I actually stopped doing CM because it absolutely IS about intentionally trying to cause congestion, if not confrontation.

rah bah bah 

The last two times I participated in Critical Mass there were riders who sought out confrontation with cars.  It wasn't a great experience.   I'll save Critical Mass for the warmer months when the crowds are larger.

Sounds like you just have not been showing up the last Friday of every month to be a good example for the rest of the riders.

There have always been a few "massholes" around - but in the clear minority.

I've been on some very fun CM rides, but in hindsight they were all during summer.

Maybe it's changed in recent years, but the one Critical Mass ride I joined 15ish years ago definitely had a sense of civil disobedience and protest, with a goal (at least by some) of intentionally antagonizing motorists during the Friday afternoon rush hour.

Didn't Critical Mass ride onto (or attempt to ride onto) the Kennedy Expressway a few times last year? 

It happened only once in August!


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