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The man, 40, was riding a bike westbound on 67th Street about 1 a.m. when he was hit by a Chevrolet Impala in the intersection with Stony Island Avenue.

A bicyclist died after being hit by a car Sunday on the South Side.

The 40-year-old was riding a bike westbound on 67th Street about 1 a.m. when he was hit by a northbound Chevrolet Impala in the intersection with Stony Island Avenue, according to Chicago police.

He was taken to Jackson Park Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said. The Cook County medical examiner’s office has not released details about the fatality.

The 42-year-old woman driving the Impala stayed at the scene after the crash, police said. She was not injured.

Police said investigators believe the cyclist may have been in the middle of the street when he was hit.

No charges or citations have been issued as the police Major Accidents Investigation Unit investigates the crash.

Taking the lane?  Are cyclists entitled to full use of a traffic lane?

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That is a tricky 5-way intersection at the SW corner of Jackson Park.  Cars coming off the Skyway are routed North on Stony to 79th Street, where they hook right onto Cornell Drive, which takes them through the park and connects with Lake Shore Drive.  Those Skyway cars don't slow down much making that transition; many are still driving at expressway speeds, especially late at night.  And the lights on Stony are synchronized to assist them.

So at that intersection, the cyclist had to cross speedy Skyway traffic on Cornell, and then 4 lanes of Stony Island 1am?  If the Impala was northbound, I don't see why the cyclist's position going west on 79th was of any importance.  I'm surprised the police didn't add that he wasn't wearing a helmut either!  My guess is that someone ran a red light, and in his last moments, the cyclist was desperately trying to evade the oncoming Impala.

Another possibility is that cyclist entered the intersection on a stale green light which changed before he could get all the way across. 

Earlier this morning WBBM radio broadcast  "Police reported that the cyclist was riding in the middle of the street " While technically accurate, that has a very different connotation from the police report stating 'the cyclist may have been in the middle of the street'  I suspect a more accurate description is that 'the cyclist was in the middle of the intersection"

clp -- 67th Street.

I'm pretty sure this in Alderman's Hairston's ward and she's been strongly against bike lanes on Stony.

Sadly, this was likely a preventable death with the right bike infrastructure. 

That said, this area will likely get worse when the Obama Center reroutes traffic in this area.

B.S!  How do you think ANY bike infrastructure could have prevented this death?  The guy was riding west; the Impala was traveling north; they collided IN the intersection; there are no PBLs or bike lanes in intersections. Intersections are no-man's land!

This death was clearly a case of someone running a red light...and it probably wasn't the cyclist.  Once IN the intersection on green OR yellow, he can take his time to safely exit the intersection.  He has the right of way!  Cars must yield!  

This street could use a road diet and PBLs. Alderman Michelle Harris who has fought bike lanes (this is from an article regarding the last tragedy on Stony Island):
According to South Shore resident Elihu Blanks, Harris said to him at a 2016 ward meeting, ‘I don’t like that project—we don’t bike on this side of town.'” Hairston told me she believed that the “road diet” would cause traffic jams, and that Stony Island is too dangerous for bike lanes. But as this latest tragedy shows, people are biking on the avenue because it’s one of the few direct north-south routes in the area, and it’s too dangerous not to have bike lanes.

Please, take your anti Obama Presidential Center to the proper forum. But for what it's worth -- Close the Cornell Fly-By/Drive-By Expressway!

Is the cyclist's name known?

I have logged 1800 miles on strava and my 11 mile (on way) commute downtown (that I will start in an hour) takes me through this intersection twice a day (as stony is the first and last leg of my commute). I have lobbied my excuse for an alderman to build bike infastructure to hear what "we don't do" (yet our people die ebery year). Infastructure may not have prevented the lack of driver empathy (while killing another user of the road) but it may make our residents and those passing through know that "we" exist and do cycle through our communities. I'll keep lobbying but I wish we could demonstrate down here as they did on Milwaukee...,...

There are plenty of  street  lights so there really is no excuse for failing  to  see the rider regardless any lights he had or didn't have.  I  agree that the rider's position  on  the street is a likely non-sequitur.  The car was going  north and the bike west. Position  in  the street may possibly be an issue if they are  going  the same direction but has nothing  to do with this crash.  If anything,  the  cyclists's alleged  position  in  the middle of the street should make him easier to  see so there is even greater reason that this tragedy should not  have  happened.  

I'm sure this issue and others will come up on Dec 5th at the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Council meeting.


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