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Haven't been here in awhile and see that we're mum on this subject.

This past week has been crazy but change is uncomfortable and change is needed. As cyclists we stand to benefit from increased police accountability, I'd like to think we support the BLM movement. I do.

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I answered this on the other thread but I can't just let this sit as if I am ok with it. I'm tired of the "all lives matter" nonsense. I'm tired of dealing with white men that continually post weird conservative articles with shoddy research to back their racist opinions. Racism didn't just start recently, it's been going strong always. Now we have a president who makes it "ok" for people to express their ugly hatred. There are police that have done terrible acts of violence through out our history to black men and women but now we have video to capture it. 

There is a part of me that is worried I am part of the problem by giving racism and sexism a platform on The Chainlink. I see white men treat me and my opinions as less-than in the bike community. I know Julie was treated badly. Very badly. Verbally abused. I don't see enough people standing up to it. Calling it out. I wait to respond, hoping and praying that someone does so that it isn't always coming from me. And 24 hours later, silence. So I respond. And, of course, I either get a mansplaining, condescending answer as if I am stupid or completely ignored. Does that person ever come back and say, "thanks, you have a good point"? No. Never. Dig their heals in, refuse to see another side, consider me the jerk for speaking up. And I am willing to be the jerk but to what end? 

If you are silent, please understand there is an assumption you agree with posts like this "all lives matter" because you didn't speak up. I love cycling/riding a bike so this breaks my heart because I also cannot be silent or blind to what is happening on the very site that is meant to provide help and support to those that need it the most. Right now, that's the black community. Black Lives Matter. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 

Sorry, I am probably sounding pretty doom and gloom. This topic has been hard to stomach with everything going on and is continuing to happen to the black community and peaceful protestors. I battle with feeling depressed and feel like I cannot bring change or help enough. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. 

I do have a big thanks to the moderators and members that do speak up when they get the chance. David Barish and Dug both posted in protest of what was said on the other thread. So thank you to those that are speaking up and responding. I hope this number grows and more of you express your feelings and help fight racism. 

Not okay. I agree with what Yasmeen said below. For too many centuries, black people have been treated as if their lives did NOT matter. That needs to end.

To Bob and anyone else thinking or saying "all lives matter" - Please read this piece and give it some serious thought. It's a few years old but still very relevant today.

Please listen to other viewpoints and consider where they're coming from. We can't afford to stay in our little bubbles anymore. 

Of course, silence can be complicity, yet White people simply talking about (or better yet, forming a book club around it!) is not nearly enough.

For what it's worth, Bob's posting was only last evening after 8 p.m. It's still the next morning. The fact that more people didn't weigh in IMMEDIATELY (I did on the other thread) is probably par for the course regarding any topic on the Chainlink. This isn't to dismiss a single sentiment you have expressed, Yas. I like your insistence to "Repeat. Repeat. Repeat."

"Nice, white people who really aren't doing anything other than being nice people are racist. We are complicit with that system. There is no neutral place." -- Robin DiAngelo, author of White Fragility -- Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism.

Why not "Black lives also matter"? It's a little more inclusive while still getting the point across, possibly not giving rise to the "all lives matter" retort.

Separation of races is what got us into this mess.

Yes, because we certainly won't want White folks to feel left out of anything!

BLACK LIVES MATTER does NOT "exclude" other races. And this compulsive need to "tweak" it, rephrase it, to make White People more "comfortable" is both telling and utterly irrelevant.

BLACK LIVES MATTER -- deal with it.

OK, All lives matter, deal with it.

See Curtis instead of communication you have created argument, and that don't fix nuthin.

No Tony, not ok. Really not ok. I recommend you read the thread and the articles. If you have a problem with Black Lives Matter, let me know.

Well ain't you just fragile little snowflake...

I don't even know where to start with this beyond stating that your original post, and your bratty response demonstrate just how important it is that it be BLACK LIVE MATTER without qualification.

The idea that black, and other POC, are not  included in the concept of 'all lives' in this country right now is well illustrated by the fact that it seems to bother you when they are put first EVEN THOUGH THERE IS A CLEAR AND OBJECTIVE ISSUE WITH BLACK PEOPLE BEING MURDERED BY THE POLICE AT A RATE SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER THAN OTHERS>


No shut the fuck up pack up your obsolete racist grandpa bullshit and go shit in your hat.

The Canadian Urban Institute recently held an online panel centered around the question of “How do we respond to anti-Black racism in urbanist practices and conversations?” The participants in the all-Black panel were Orlando Bailey of Detroit (BridgeDetroit and The Urban Consulate), Tamika Butler in Los Angeles (Toole Design), Will Prosper in Montreal (Montreal-Nord Republik), and Anthonia Ogudele of Vancouver, BC (Ethos Lab). Jay Pitter, a fellow of the CUI, moderated the discussion. Here's our writeup on Streetsblog Chicago.

Went to support a few friend's ride out in Englewood and was surprised to hear a black rider yell "bike lives matter" <3



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