What are your biking goals (big and small) for 2020?

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I wrote mine down this morning. Really more fitness goals. Combination longer rides, some running to take me through 2020 with weight training mixed in. It’s been a while and I let my asthma get the best of me. Hoping to tackle it this year so it doesn’t fully impact my lung capacity and fitness level. 

Awesome thread.

Last year was the first time I've ever really tracked my mileage on an annual basis, and specifically tracked my commuting mileage. I managed 827 miles on Divvy in 2019, so I guess a goal for 2020 would be to top 1000 miles of Divvy bike commuting.

Outside of commuting, I'd generally just like to just ride more and specifically do more group training rides over the spring/summer. CX nationals will be in the Chicago suburbs this fall (Dec 8-13) so I'm hoping to participate in that. Up to this point, most of my CX racing/training has been a solo effort, so maybe 2020 is a good year to join a race/training team to help improve my results.

Agree with the Fitness aspect.  I really pushed myself in 2019 on biking, running, weights, and diet.

Lost 18 lbs from March to December.  Looking to lose another couple, then maintain the fitness/diet to keep feeling better.  

For biking, I think my goal will be bike to work any day the weather or being sick doesn't prevent it.

Do a 200k brevet again in the spring, and a 300k later in the year.

Improve my speed for endurance rides. I can do 15mph all day but I'd like to get stronger just for the sake of fitness.

Replace more of my multimodal commutes (Avondale to Englewood) with all-riding commutes.

Last year I had a mileage goal for the first time - 3,000. I logged mile 3,001 on New Year's Eve. Most of my miles were commuting, but I did some brevets too.

This year I want to try something different. No specific goal, just more cycling miles than driving miles. I don't drive regularly, but do some long drives to visit family, so it might be close. I've never logged driving miles before, so I really have no idea!

- Teach my 5 year old how to ride a bike and be comfortable letting her ride.  We ride a lot in the summer and fall, but together on a tag a long.  It's SO TIME!  

- Ride as much as possible with the twins when they can sit up (in 2ish months).  

- Attend a critical mass with my 5 year old this summer or halloween. 

- 2020 or 2021 restart the north shore ladies rides and/or Deerfield Kidical Mass.   There is a bit of pulling teeth out here and my time is limited, but thats my goal for this summer or next. CANT WAIT!  

- Invite all of you on a nice ride exploring this area of the burbs. 

I last rode bikes with my wife this past September 14th. It was just an easy, leisurely roll down to Wolf Lake and back, about 25 miles. A ride we had enjoyed countless times over the years. Nevertheless, it was quite apparent that she had no strength to tap into, although she had been very active with rowing this past year and was seemingly in the best shape she had been in for years. This was also almost eight weeks before her cancer diagnosis.

Riding home from work on September 24th, she fell off her bike while standing at a red light -- her leg just gave out. She was issued a cane from her physical therapist the next day. By early December she was using a walker. 

Currently, after months of muscle atrophy, losing more than 2 inches in height, and 24 rounds of radiation, she is so frail it's hard to imagine her on a bike again. But it is a goal.  

I'd love to ride together again.

If anyone achieves their goal this year, I hope it is you.

Thank you, Jim.

Last spring I would have said my goal was either a Lake Michigan Circle Tour or a coast-to-coast ride.  Inconceivable now. However, on Saturday, May 23rd, my wife and I went on a gentle roll around Washington Park, the Midway Plaisance, and Jackson Park. It was a slooow roll, but we finally rolled together again. Mission accomplished.  

Sweet- that’s nice to hear, Curtis. Here’s to many more.

Lovely, thanks for sharing. That's really wonderful. 


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