What are your biking goals (big and small) for 2020?

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To do a bike overnight somewhere, maybe Starved Rock.

Goal 1) I would like to ride the Great Allegheny Passage from Pittsburgh to DC. I am already starting my planning. Now, just need to tune my bike and book my Amtrak. 

Goal 2) Ride the Divvy more for my commutes. More = segments. I like to run/bike/run as my commute. I want to get back to a 3 a week roundtrips. 

Goal 3) Finally enter some distance road biking race. Sort of an end-to-end race. I spend too much time on Zwift and not enough on the open road. 

Did the CAP/C&O last summer. Happy to answer any questions if you have them.

No real questions right now other than...who wants to ride with me? My buddy is bailing out and going solo while doable, won't be as fun (or safe) without some fellow cyclists.

So...who wants to ride the passage for five days? 

1-Getting my wife on the new bicycle I received from volunteering for a slow roll on the south side last year.

2-Attending more group rides and volunteering as a bicycle marshal.

3-Building a unique bicycle.

Getting out to ride at least a few days each week.

Hoping that the current situation will allow for some small group rides to happen. (fingers crossed)

My only goal now seems to be finding safe spaces to ride and walk. 90% of the people using shared paths don't wear masks and don't social distance so I've been trying to find less popular paths and routes. I've also noticed more dangerous driver behavior so I'm hesitant to use roads - especially ones that have no bike infrastructure. Luckily, I've managed to enjoy 4 bike rides in May. My goal is to go out regularly in June and finally get better at hills (lots of them here). I miss the easy riding flatness of Chicago. 


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