So I am looking to see what the masses say.  

When wearing bike shorts do you wear them as I feel they were intended, Commando, you feel the need to wear underwear in addition to your wicking, breathable and cushioned bike shorts?

I have a friend who ingrained in me long ago how wearing underwear with bike shorts was a moral travesty and something one should never engage in.  I thought this was the consensus among most if not all cyclists.  

Is this not the case?

How do you wear bike shorts - with or without additional undergarments?

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Not supposed to wear underwear (friction-causing). Chamois cream highly recommended (reduce friction). 

I concur

Thanks for posting this. I didn't know that exists. Definitely worth a try. 

I have some of these and I did wear them but mine would stick out a bit past the bike shorts/bibs. Maybe I should look for shorter ones or get longer bike shorts/bibs.

Back when I actually wore padded shorts, I never rode with only those.  I would use the padded shorts as underwear, underneath a pair of baggy cargo shorts.  That was a pretty good system and I was very rarely uncomfortable.

+1. People in just the bike shorts are wearing fancy boxers in public. :)

 But to answer the OP, commando.


I mostly wear compression shorts under regular shorts.  No bibs or padded shorts.  No chafing.


In very cold weather, I wear compression pants (base layer) under other clothes.

Boxer briefs under normal shorts have always worked for me on multi-day trips. Synthetics/wool/silk on long rides and cotton for the commute.

Commando, but longjohns in the fall and early spring.

I haven't worn them in years, but...

"There's nothing like an unfurnished basement for pure comfort." -Bart Simpson

I am impressed that you can ride 100 miles like that with no problems. :-)

I too am a child of the 1970's but I am couldn't do that combo for 100 miles. Ouch!


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