what a terrible title. I bet no women want to listen to what i have to say when i started with a title like this. amirite?

A good way to loose solidarity is to alienate those who may agree with you. just sayin

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Well done, Yasmeen.

Male fragility is real and hard at work...

I bet you're a big fan of #notallmen, aren't you?

Stop personalizing the people calling out the f'd up social norms that perpetuate sexist behavior.

You do understand that when a woman says 'men suck' they aren't talking about YOU, right?  Well, I mean unless you engage in whatever shitty behavior they are calling out but you hopefully get my point...

Ask the women (or any marginalized group you are not a part of) you interact with about their experience existing in society and LISTEN to their answers; it can be eye-opening the amount of garbage behavior they have to deal with, from a shocking number of people, on a daily basis.  After you are aware of all of the various ways in which they are regularly slighted start really watching interactions, you'll see stuff you never realized EVERYWHERE.

I am going to agree 100% with ban men, men suck or any other number of slights against men by angry women because turns out the way a TON of men have been taught is OK to act in our social structure is really terrible!  I know because I've been a part of that garbage behavior but instead of choosing to be upset when I saw it called out I chose to LISTEN, have some empathy and, most of the time, not be a part of the problem.

You don't want to hear women talking about how men suck? 

Stop sucking and encourage others to suck less.

there’s a whole hashtag about tall guys?!?

But seriously: the cynical, self-serving, defensive posturing by petty bros is so tired. Get over it dudes!

Well put  Dug.

A am  a white  male.  No matter  what I  say, I am  still a person who has reaped the benefits  of privilege.  Like most  humans, I ask whether  a something  pertains to  me.  When  there is a complaint about men or  white  folks I have  learned  to resist the urge to say,  if not  to think, "Hey, that's not me." Whether  it is or  is not really  doesn't  matter. Accepting that  this reality still exists  in our  society and that I  can be lumped  in with other  white  men is part  of that. What  we  do is  more important whether that means something big like doing  something for the welfare of those who do not get this pass from society or the  police or whoever is  one part.  Another part  is  simply riding my bike treating  each rider like a rider and  when  I see a great set of wheels I am really looking at somebody's bike. I guess that may be easier for me because  I feel I have nothing to prove and that in  itself is an element  of privilege.

Thank you Dave.


If you want to show "solidarity" with someone, it is generally done on their terms, not yours. And to show solidarity you have to listen - really listen - to them first. 

if that was what made her lose your solidarity you never had any brah


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