So people. Look. Every single day, at some point in my ride to work or from work or for errands or whatever, at least once, a man pulls up behind me, a woman, who is waiting at a light and just assumes, in the absence of other information (for I have been placidly waiting, perhaps, for a while) that I must be slower than he is,

He therefore thinks that he should aggressively pull in front of me or cut me off, because I, a lady, will only get in his way! Shortly, this gentleman and I both find that he actually isn't a faster or stronger rider than I am, and sometimes we discover this whilst, say, going over the river along Damen! Either way, I then have to pass him, which makes things less safe for both of us. Please, dudes. STOP DOING THIS. IT'S RUDE AND YOU'LL FEEL BAD LATER AND YOUR SELF-ESTEEM IS NOT MY PROBLEM.  

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and DON'T @ ME

Are you positive that these men assume that they are stronger than you because you are a woman? These men might also be the type that need to pass anyone who is in front of them, you know, just like some people drive their cars.

Fair point--as a man this happens to me as well. But I am sure OP is right that men do this subconsciously (and rudely) to women more often.

We could ask around if some millionaire wants to fund a giant city-wide lane separation project?

Seriously, though, that does sound totally obnoxious. Bummer!

People do to basket and cargo bikes a lot as well; super annoying.

Personally, I enjoy passing them; especially if it ends up a situation where I get to repeatedly pass them after every light they pass me at.

Oh man--the first pass can be satisfying, but when they KEEP shoaling after that? Irritating.

I am reluctant to  add to this thread because I  am not sure you are inviting a chorus of men to  add to this discussion but I  thought about this yesterday while riding  in.  I came up behind a  female rider who was riding at about my speed, but perhaps less than 1 mph slower.  I intentionally did not pass her mainly because I did not want to speed up  to do so and preferred to just  ride  my speed.  She was a good leader and  managed city traffic well. We did not  exchange  a word  and barely looked  at each other. However,  as we rode I was conscious that I could  appear to be a creep who was simply staring at her behind or  a stalker or worse.

Kinda "damned if you do, damned if you don't".

Good call. I don't mind if someone rides behind me - I don't find it creepy or stalky but just frankly, respectful and cool.  David, I believe you are on the positive end of the spectrum of riding. There are a lot of men here, on CL that are.

But I completely understand JS POV because it happens. A lot. I remember that guy from last year, during rush hour, that skipped over every women at a light, going into the oncoming bike lane to pass all of us at a busy light. When I caught up with him, he was tucked in behind a group of men that weren't faster than the women but somehow, he felt deserved more respect. If it's busy and a guy plays frogger with women by cutting in front of us, it doesn't look awesome for him. 


I am an old man.  I never shoal anyone.  I'd rather show off my civility than my physical prowess (of which there isn't so much, anyway).

I put a dime in a jar every time a Divy shoals me at a light.  I'm gonna retire with a million dollars.


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