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I got an  e-mail from  them yesterday.  It is reflected on their Facebook page.

I felt like a weenie when  I cancelled Evanston Bike Club's ride down to  the event after  seeing projections for zero at best at the time we would ride. It's going  to be  one of those days  where  I will still wear goggles simply walking to the train. I know the hardcore will  scoff at this.   So be it. You guys/gals rock, I'll take public transit.

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Smart move on their part, considering how long the Active Trans staffers would have to be out in that cold standing around.

Hi! The Winter Bike to Work Day Rally has been rescheduled for Friday, Feb 8th from 7am - 9am in Daley Plaza. Hope you can join us! Thanks again to Keating Law Offices for making this event possible. 

It was so unbelievably cold this morning, I can't believe that there were people out manning the booths at the Winter Bike to Work Day rally! Since I live in Irving Park and work in Streeterville I had to go a bit out of the way to stop by the rally, and the ten minute cool down period I spent at the rally almost cost me my fingers! This was probably the coldest weather I've ever ridden in, and I will try to not ever do it again.

Nice! Glad you made it out! You are so right - so much thanks for everyone that worked this event in the freezing cold to support bike winter in Chicago. 

Streetsblog's James porter did a writeup of the event:



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