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Yes. Do you have a question?

The fact that you had to ask this by posting on it is a stunning commentary on your intelligence. 

We’re here. And we’re spectacular. 

This is a pretty Rene Descartes-ian situation, isn't it?

Cogito ergo sum indeed, sir. We have been duped into making the argument, hence we exist!

Indeed. We ride, therefore we are.

We all face an existential crisis from time-to-time.............

Judging by the activity lately, I think it's a reasonable question to ask.

No. Sorry.  We disappeared in 1967.  We had planned a group ride on January 24 and  it was a  lovely day over 60 degrees. We were reveling in riding  our steel frames across the city. We got excited and decided to stay on  our bikes and  do a a ride around the city's perimeter. We got carried away and were still riding a few days later and well,  the weather changed. Nobody ever found us but we were on  the Lakefront path just  south of the Field Museum when  we were overcome by snow drifts. AFter we froze to death I think our bodies drifted into the lake.  This site is run by our ghosts and  we  are  kind  of  angry that we never  got  a chance  to  finish that  ride. We take  our  anger  out on  the  drivers who got stuck on  Lake Shore  Drive  during  that great snow and who veered off of  the drive and knocked  us off our bikes on the snowy path in  the winter before the Summer  of  Love.   None of us are real,  or are real any more.  We still marvel  at how we,  who perished  long before  the world wide web was anything  more than a pet project at the Pentagon, can  post  messages to this forum. If we were real we would be riding bikes and riding ones with that new fangled index shifting and with tubes that did not have to be sewn  up. No, we can't  ride  our bikes any more  so we just  talk about them.   No, Donald,  our chains rattle  like those carried by Jacob Marley. They really don't link. Never  did. You might wonder how we post  pictures. Hmm, so do we.

Thank for the entertaining absurdity, David.

Ha! Thanks for the laughs. ;)



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