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Young biker, if I may ask, why do you put your lock in your belt and why are your keys dangling off your backpack?

Is there no where else to stow your lock? Is in your back pocket or pinched in your belt really the only place it can be?

Any whats with your whole set of keys out in the open dangling off your pack? Could it not get caught on anything? What if you lose them? You remind me of the kids in HS who just HAD to let you know they had a car by always flipping their keys around.

Yes please do ride but with your no break fixies, the lock, the keys and the beard your making me feel old and I'm really not all that old.

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I ride with my lock on my belt. Why does it bother you so much? 

Per the other thread, I think you mean, "young cyclist." ;)

+1  And re: that thread, I think it's been well-established now that no one should ask bikers snide questions!  Young cyclists on the other hand...  Just kidding, Haddon: time to remember all the perks of being/getting older, like, for example, being relaxed about image!  :)

I ride with my lock in my belt because it seems like the best combination of security and accessibility. I've heard too many accounts of frame-mounted strapped-on u-lock clips releasing their locks to trust them; at best they seem likely to rattle and slip around on the frame. I have a seat bag on one bike which will hold my lock securely (and this is what I use when I wear the one pair of pants I own with oddly-placed belt loops where the lock doesn't fit), but it's a hassle to undo and redo this bag's buckle and cord lock twice for every quick stop. On my other bike I usually have a front bag, but it's large enough that my lock bounces around unless I am carrying a bunch of other stuff to fill the space. And again, it's much easier to just pull the lock out of my belt and lock up for a quick stop into a store than to go fishing around in a bag.

If you have a small enough lock, it's not uncomfortable at all. The weight of the lock on your belt won't really affect the handling, as it might elsewhere on the bike, since it becomes essentially part of the mass of your body. Why not carry it there?

Can't help you with the keys.

I dont care how people transport their u-locks, but I avoid the keeping mine under my belt or in my back pocket since it's seems like an easy way to hurt your hip during an accident. Plus, racks/baskets are awesome and work well for these sorts of things. 

Yeah, Haddon, I am gonna give you a hard time because this is the bike riding equivalent of, "Get off my lawn!" ;-) 

I hesitate to judge fellow cyclists on style choices - people find their own style, their own way through their love of cycling. I've seen pants that incorporate the U-lock into the design so it's not too far fetched to carry it that way. 

Personally, I prefer wearing my jersey with all of the pockets because it gives me super easy access to everything I need. And today I was all excited to wear my new helmet on my commute because it perfectly matches one of my team kits. I'm a goof and I embrace that. Aren't we all a little goofy? It's all good. 

Yasmeen said, "Aren't we all a little goofy? It's all good.

+1 ;-)

Perhaps the better question is: How does everyone carry their u-locks?

I usually carry mine locked to my rack.  It just slides down next to the wheel and gets bungeed down so it doesn't bounce so much.  Convenient, and it means I don't have to carry a bag if I don't want to.  Thanks to my friend Amanda for the idea :)

Nah, I don't think this one was about how to carry a U lock. I think this one was about the generational divide. I don't have the same reaction as Haddon has but I will have to admit I  would  never put  my u lock in my pocket and while we are ranting... I just don't understand flip flops. Why would people wear them? They don't support anything,you can't run or ride very well in them? What's the purpose?  We all have our issues. :-)

Flip flops are really shower shoes or to get from the beach to the car. If you wear them around like shoes you are destined for back, hip, knee, etc. problems.

EEERRMMPPP! Sorry, that's not hip enough.


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