What have you seen at the Olympics that seems memorable? So far, my favorite Olympic moments were the Tarasove, Morozov pairs short program performance. The beauty and skill of that high, arching throw at about 1:05 was enough to bring tears to the eyes.

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Mirai Nagasu becoming the third woman and first American woman to land a triple axle last night was really cool!

Also loved the Canadians' pairs ice dancing performance. They did an awesome move where the woman stood up on the man's leg and then had one foot on his right thigh and one foot on his left thigh.

Also thought the North-and-South Korean athletes carrying the torch up the stairs was moving to see.

Adam Rippon's beautiful skating performance last night.

The men's skiathlon! I won't say why in case anyone wants to watch the replay - which I recommend doing. One of the best races of any sort I've watched. 

While watching men's slopestyle snowboarding one of the announcers mentioned that one of the competitors brought to mind Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.  My wife decided to play that song every time a competitor came down the mountain. We turned down the sound on the television during the runs to hear the song and then resumed listening to the television once the run was over.  As soon as we saw a new guy at the top getting ready to do his thing our heads were banging. What a great way to watch the Olympics. 



Olympic curling, absolutely! The drama, precision and the intricate teamwork ca t be beat!


YES! Curling Gold USA!

Now that the Winter Olympics are ending,

I guess I have to say, that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.


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