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Woman groped while riding down Milwaukee Avenue.

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Are we currently approaching the 'Mad Max' societal situation regarding lawlessness and enforcement? 

They'll find out who these people are.  Witnesses took photographs.

As a single woman, I am more concerned about the part when her husband ended up punched in the face so hard that he ended up with a shattered helmet and a concussion. OK, so in our enlightened times, we women are supposed to be calling out these jerks for harassment and assault, but if some of them are going to do that---in the presence of witnesses---to a dude who is capable of chasing down a motorcycle on a bicycle on someone else's behalf (after grabbing at someone who, in the first place, was probably quite clearly being accompanied), what are they going to do to me?

I hope they catch these losers and throw the book at them.

Maybe a butt-slap is not "groping" in the strictest sense, but it was unwanted and unsolicited contact and invasion of personal space, and technically, assault and battery.

Unwanted physical contact is unwanted physical contact; don't dimish the violation of other people with semantics. 

I was also glad so many bystanders took photos. And i’m glad you don’t have jack to say about what does or doesn’t constitute groping, clp. Or are you back to trolling? What the hell is the point of that comment?

Agreed about the groping vs butt-slap - both violating, both sexual assault.

No, clp. Groping is about power, not sexual pleasure. I'm not sure many people will care that you find them "over-sensitive."

Glad you are the authority on peoples intentions and how others actions make people feel so you can clear this all up for us...

Turns out it's OK to assault women; we're just way to sensitive.

I'm eager to know how you feel about unwanted contact from strangers with sexualized areas of your body...

Wow, clp. You might also ask what’s wrong with people who feel compelled to wag their finger at someone who’s dead. “Betcha wish you’d never stuck your neck out now, eh sucker?” Well pat yourself on the back: you nailed it!

Are you seriously mansplaining this assault to us? Read the room.


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