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Hi, all,  I am a reporter possibly/mulling writing about the changes at Tour de Fat. While I love Northerly Island, I was unaware it would cost $20-$30 to go and that there would be no bike parade. If anyone is planning not to go because of these changes, let me know as a comment on this post, or text me at 773 960 3997.  Thanks!  P.S. A link to a previous discussion on this same topic:

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Not planning to go. What was once a unique neighborhood event that anyone could go to and enjoy the carnival atmosphere free of charge seems to have become another ticket-holders-only music festival...of which there are already plenty. ;)

Ditto. Add that it moved from a very accessible location, to one that is less so.... I'm passing.

yeah, it's def not super easy to get to and a hike from Wicker/Logan.  Been to NI twice in last month and took at least 35 or 40 min each way (i'm a slow rider!)

Looks like tickets are up to $30 now. 

My daughter looked forward to decorating her bike for the parade in the past. 

We will take a pass. I know that the event promotes bicycling but we can contribute in other ways.

There is a note on the site about using Lyft - that's not biking!

omg, a Lyft to TDF? wow

I'm not attending this year for all of the reasons already mentioned. I will miss the previous format.



FYI Gilt City has a deal up right now that's two passes for $35.

Also, there are plenty of bike friendly low-cost festivals and activities in Chicago that aren't TDF and have beer and oddities! / There's always the option of joining together with your neighborhoods and community groups and throwing a great party with weird costumes, beer, and music (honestly, remember when The Chainlink did this at Halloween?).

Kinda getting tired of the weird shade being washed down to WTB when like, guess what, corporations can do whatever they want, even if they're a friendly, kooky brewery! 

Love the idea. Happy to co-host. After Ferris I think I really need more help organizing fundraising events. :-) SO, who wants to help? What do people want to do? I have been mentioning the 10th anniversary next year and am looking to see how I can tie it in to a fundraiser.

you know I'm in! 

Include me out.  The Palmer Square Bike Picnic was much better.

I may ride down to Palmer Square around 10 AM on the 29th, if enough of us show up we may still have a bike parade, it just won't be a fundraiser for West Town Bikes.  I'd support West Town Bikes some other way, but not by riding to a concert in Northerly Island.


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