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That utilized his vehicle's turning signal device to indicate he was vacating his parking space and joining moving traffic.

 You Sir, are a shining beacon of hope for all! Keep up the good work.

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What ? You found one ! ? Nice work ! You have all the good luck ! Hope shines eternally ! :-)

Wow! Amazing! Wish this wasn't such a rarity.

Love it. 

Post this on DNAInfo or the Trib and witness the spew of hate towards this courteous driver from other drivers in the comments section, the toilets of the interwebz. 

Turn signals were standard equipment on my car, I think on newer models they must be very expensive options that people don't want to purchase.

Ha ha- please don't (post it there)...


Almost like spotting a unicorn...

Thanks for all of your responses- ride safe and ride smart.




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