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This is a popular destination/stop for many riders. They now require you to park your bike at the bike racks right next to the road at the entrance to the parking lot. This is completely out of view from the restaurant (separated by the entire parking lot). Bring enough locks to secure your bike or simply chose not to do business with them anymore. The patio is closed this time of year and they won't allow bike parking there or in the side yard. They should take a lesson from other brewpubs and have parking right in front of the building. 

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18th is the jam. Last time I was there, they just let me bring my bike inside.

Say hell yes to 18th Street Brewery -- great menu, good beers, indoor & outdoor seating, good hospitality, diverse work force, and bike-friendly. What's not to like?! Oh yeah, and it's a better ride to than 3 Floyd's.

Nice! Good to hear there are some great alternatives. 

Thanks for the heads up. Noted. Moving on.

Thanks for the heads up. I've always parked my bike at these racks, so nothing will change for me, but maybe for those who have super high end bikes or something, I could see it being a concern.

Kind of a buzz kill knowing this. I've always wanted to go and do the ride out there for the buzz I would get from the event.

So many people enjoy going there. I didn't have the best experience when I went 2-3 times - consistent issues. 

At that time, no bike racks, not terribly friendly, and forcing us to wait for hours when we gladly would have split our group up (which happened eventually anyways) so that we could be sat faster. The sad part about a 3 Floyds ride is that the least enjoyable part was because of the management of 3 Floyds. Frankly, their food did not justify waiting 2+ hours for even when I was starving.

I appreciate 2 Brothers - they are much better with handling a large group, have bike racks, and seem more pro-bike. 

I've heard not great things about New Glarus also being less friendly to larger groups. 

I guess ultimately it's their choice, they can treat their customers poorly and people will still drink their beer and consider them a destination.

Do you mean New Glarus the town or New Glarus the brewery? The brewery has a tap room but no food, and lots of space both indoors and out. Customers are not formally seated - you just walk in, get a wristband, get beer and sit down wherever you like. 

There was a group of people from The Chainlink that did a weekend with a bus to carry everyone and there bikes. Basically, New Glarus brewery got very hostile about the bus after everyone spent lots of money in their store and drinking their beer in the tap room. It was clear they really didn't care (and they pretty much said as much on Facebook).

Huh. Whatever became of "Midwestern nice"??

Interesting - what were they hostile about?

Oops, duplicate!



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