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Hello! I've been pretty busy these last several weeks working on The Chainlink's improvements and I wanted to give a mini update as well as get your opinion for our future URL...

A little background about our platform...

When I acquired The Chainlink in December, 2014 I wasn't able to move forward with the project Julie had started. There are many reasons why that solution would have been a step back for us and so I had to make the difficult decision to pull the plug on the project. My next step was to try to upgrade Ning (our current platform). I quickly realized the company put a stop to upgrades and abandoned supporting and growing Ning so I looked for similar community platforms to switch to with minimum interruption. There was nothing for a very long time. And then, after a lot of research, I found our future platform with a migration path and all of the features we need including a mobile site and much faster response times. I am in the process of archiving our site and will be moving it over to the new platform, hoping to launch in the next few months. I'll move it along as fast as I can so we can enjoy the "new" Chainlink in those busy bike months. 

Chainlink for everyone!
Once the new platform is up and running, I will be launching more cities. My plan is to launch 50 U.S. cities and then launch a few overseas as well. This will allow you to jump on to another city to plan a vacation, plan a move, etc. I'm very excited to bring The Chainlink to more cities and grow our Chainlink community.

This URL has caused me some grief because we are not a non-profit yet having a .org tends to be used mostly by non-profits so I need a different option, keeping our name but still easy to remember. This is where you come in - please let me know what you think about these URLs. On a side note - I have been trying (without success) to acquire 




All of these domains have already been acquired and I plan to have all of them point to the site. So, what do you think? 1, 2, or 3?

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-1 for  *.co is the country code top-level domain for Colombia, although its been usurped because its quick to type and it is an open registry that hasnt been saturated.

1. has a nice overall look and feel.

Of these I like .org best, sorry.  Also acquire

Glad to hear that the .org site will forward to any new site.  besides that I have no strong opinion for the other options.

I vote form

Thanks for the update!

I think the best out of the alternatives is

I like this and


How about Chainlink.Bike ?

I  like ; at first glance I didn't, but now I think it's kinda cool (do the kids still say cool?).

Ha! I still use "cool" a lot and recently realized the cool, young kids really don't. I think they have other, new words for cool. Still trying to keep it alive though.

Yasmeen , they use the word Sick as cool! I don't get it. Sick is sick your sick ( cough cough) ... But hey I we're cool as shi*. Or we're the shi*! How's Wisconsin living for you and breadie ? Still working on making that transition over.


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