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The meeting will be on Tuesday, September 13 at 6:30 p.m. at the 50th Ward Office, 2949 W. Devon. Everyone is invited to attend.

After man years, this may start moving and is badly needed.  if you can attend the meeting and add your support please do so.

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Apparently Dropbox doesn't work for everybody.  Here's a better link:

Follow Bob K's link. The presentation looks better on a PC than it did at the meeting. (Yes, I was one of the few that were there.)

Haven’t been on the trail much this year, wondering if work has started in this yet? Was supposed to begin early 2018 per the meeting, haven’t really heard much since...

Rode by there a few times earlier this Summer. Nothing going on that I can recall. In other news. construction on the Chicago River Trail under the Addison St. bridge and going north is progressing nicely. 

The Addison St underbridge is going to be great, looking forward to having a connection from Montrose through to Belmont when all is complete there.

I Google'd 'Lincoln Village Pedestrian Bridge' to see if there were updates on the Stone Bridge, and found this, that has a status of 'bidding', so it looks like this project is behind schedule a bit. I've no idea how the bidding process works, but it's hard to believe that construction would start in 2018 whether a bid is accepted before the end of the year or not.

Good news ! Saw a construction crane on the river landfill north of Addison at the spot where the bridge from east to west will be.

Rode by Stone Bridge site again a few weeks ago. NADA !

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I understand the moniker "Stone Bridge" but feel  that  Ald. Stone deserves no credit here. I  like to  refer to this as the Paper Bridge as paper covers rock (stone). I drove by the sight  late yesterday afternoon and  it looks like the  old exit off of the path onto Kedzie east of the river by Lincoln Village  is now closed due to  the upcoming  construction. 

Streetsblog writeup, including the back story.


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