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Kedzie, between Devon and Lincoln.  There a bike lane marked, outside of the parking area.  How should the sharrows be interpreted?  With who is the sharing to be done?

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I think it's a mistake. Rather than sharrows, I think it should be a single arrow pointing in the direction of travel. Looking on Google Streetview, there are a few spots just north of Lincoln (Kedzie/Hood) where single arrows are used, then the next marking is a sharrow. 

Based on what I'm seeing on Streetview, it looks like it's been this way since at least 2007. 

'Definitely looks like it was mis-marked.

Maybe they picked the wrong stencil?  Or applied it before the bike lane was drawn?

I think the  sharrow predated the lane but  am not sure.  I ride  that stretch a lot  but do not really pay attention to the markings. Kedzie from  Lincoln to  Howard is very bike friendly.


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