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Dear Seasoned Chicago Cyclists,
Please try to impart the patience and compassion you would have for a first time bike commuter. Having experienced the roll out in DC and already had one scooter fatality, there's definitely a concern about safety. Basically, scooter users will likely be pedestrians (not cyclists) turned scooter riders so they won't know the ins and outs like a seasoned cyclist. Think first time Divvy user. So yes, you'll see them on the sidewalks (even though they aren't supposed to), bike lanes, and streets. Lots of patience will be necessary. While scooters can be a good addition to the non-car commuter, they do pose risks to themselves (mostly) and other vulnerable users of the roads.

Here's an article with the details of the scooter roll-out:

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By following the law Shawn, does this mean they should be stopping at stop signs, not go the wrong way on a one way, wait for a light to turn green before going through an intersection, stay out of the crosswalks while waiting for a light to change, these sorts of things?  

Twist what I said and make me sound like one of those ridiculous anti-bike people. Really funny, @$$h@t.

It's the combination of their reckless riding behavior AND THEIR SPEED that makes them dangerous. Not one element. BOTH.

Keep on laughing while people get injured and killed. Hilarious.

There may have been a misunderstanding Shawn.  Stopping at stop signs, not go the wrong way on a one way, waiting for a light to turn green before going through an intersection, or staying out of the pedestrian crosswalks while waiting for a light to change and keeping speed in check in dangerous situations aren't anti-bike.  Those things are all pro-safety, so we can score people who abide by and advocate these things as pro-bike instead of anti-bike. 

Seems to me that your blanket “scooter riders” did all the heavy lifting here, Shawn! 

Don't forget. Scooters will never handle this.

Can’t handle the snow or the lightsaber? Good arguments exist demonstrating the cyclist’s superiority with both...

If not for the aero drag, they might be even more popular.  Certainly the saber wins hands down for style points. 

Montgomery County police said the driver of the car was cited for failing to yield the right of way, but she said she didn't see the scooter.

Now, the accident is prompting police to remind drivers and scooter riders to share the road.

Montgomery County Police Capt. Thomas Didone said that this victim was lucky she wasn't killed, and urged riders to wear helmets and stay on the right lane of the road.

In my new town of Bethesda, MD a scooter user was hit by a turning car. How do the police response? A "failure to yield" ticket for the driver and a full-on scolding by the police captain. I am so mad right now. The construction on this street makes it dangerous. There's no real safe accommodation now layer in some of the worst drivers in the country (MD is on that list in the top 2 worst drivers). BTW, most of them have SUVs like Yukons, tend to blow through stop signs, and are generally impatient. 

FYI, the video is pretty disturbing:

Hope she's ok.  From the police comments in the video it sounds like they are getting more stern and specific in terms of clarifying the rules about who's supposed to be doing what, where and how, which may help in certain instances.  Stepped up enforcement of failure to yield may help too, but safety-wise this is an uphill climb on a number of fronts.  Due care and behaviors seem to be the common elements across a number of similar incidents, proving to be unfortunate for everyone.

Love the snow picture with the light saber!

Three lakefront trail sightings of scooters on Wed evening, 6/26.

Eric I'm seeing them all over now too, and likely a rush of privately-owned versions are becoming more prevalent in the non-test zone areas.  As a guess there are more on the way beyond the city's pilot program.  Now available at fine stores near you.

Some are even marketed as a commuting scooter, and are less than each of my bikes which will make them easy for people to acquire -



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