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The crash is bad enough but the officer's response (or lack thereof) followed by the driver's celebration is just shocking.  Anyway, please help us ID the driver if you can.  Thank you!

Update: Driver came forward this morning. (9/16/16)

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Hard to look at this and not be upset by so many aspects - the cyclist could have been run over after being doored. The driver high-fived knowing she just got away with something illegal that sent someone to the hospital. And the CPD supported it, not doing their job capturing all of the information. I wish I knew who this driver was. I'll post it on FB and Twitter, hopefully that will help get the word out. 

It's after the fact but I think this is why it's so important as cyclists if we see a fellow cyclist doored or hit, to take a photo of the driver, the cyclist, and the license plate and give the fellow cyclist our contact information. We've had witness cyclists come to The Chainlink to connect with the victim before. Hopefully the witness cyclist will see this and step forward. 

Sorry to hear the cyclist was hurt. I hope he recovers full and you find the driver. 

I echo your excellent advice to witnesses. This video is also a good reminder to stay out of the door zone, even when that means getting out further in to the traffic lane. Please note I do not blame the victim of this incident - the driver is absolutely 100% to blame. 

I've reposted the video on Facebook & Twitter - I hope the driver is found.


This is painful to watch. I sure hope the driver is found and that the cyclist is doing okay. 

I ride past there at least twice a day so I'll be on the lookout for that car. This is a perfect example thought of why I never want to involve the police when I get in an incident. They don't even care. 

My experience with CPD has been that they are pretty ignorant of the rules of the road re. bicycles, and they like us about as much as John Kass does. I avoid any interaction with them.

Was a formal complaint filed with one of the police oversight departments?

Right on.  That cop needs to be held accountable and terminated.  There is no excuse for this. 

There are GOOD officers out there who care about doing their jobs properly. This sergeant is obviously not one of them.

I have a message from one of the good officers. "When you have a situation like this, you can file a formal complaint (Click here: Whenever officers get away with something like this, it makes the job harder for the officers who want to do the job well and help you. When the offender is a SUPERVISOR, it's 10 times worse. They need to be held accountable. Enough complaints will make a difference in helping to change police culture.

In this incident, there will be a record in the system of which officer responded to the this incident. If a formal complaint is filed, she will be identified by IPRA.

You can still make a desk report after the fact, whether it's at the same district or another district. They may try to discourage you from making a report. Insist on your legal right and get one so the incident is documented. 

You can also talk to your alderman when there is a pattern of officers failing to do their jobs and take a report in situations like this. Ask the alderman to talk to the district commander and ask that reports be taken and tickets written."

There is a longstanding pattern of officers in the 14th district not treating cyclists fairly. They SHOULD be held accountable.

Thanks Anne. This is very helpful and a good reminder about what to do.

As a cyclist community, it does truly help to lend a hand (and be the eyes and ears) if you witness an accident. Once hit, this cyclist needed to seek medical attention and wasn't able to do all of the necessary steps to ensure he had evidence in his possession. If you can be the victim's "person", please do - be their eyes and ears, take as many pics as possible, give the victim your contact information, come to The Chainlink and post about the accident if you need to. If we face so many road blocks from the police, perhaps the way we need to address these events are in civil court.

Point of clarification:

IPRA doesn't investigate cases like this.  CPD has their own internal investigators, and you can draw your own conclusions about how they would investigate.  Don't let that dissuade you from reporting it, however.

Could you give us the exact location and time?  The police officer needs to be held accountable.

Yes, I also noticed that was not clearly mentioned here. I found it elsewhere.
The incident happened on Monday, September 12, 2016, at around 5 pm. It happened at 2359 w. Milwaukee ave. near Revolution Brewing Chicago in Logan Square.
That officer should be ashamed of herself. Sheesh!



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