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Apparently some people received an email with the website and a new password. While you will be needing to do this in the future, the installers goofed on their second attempt to migrate the site and sent these out by accident. Go ahead and ignore it because I may need them to do another install. 

In the meantime, I'm excited to say, we are getting close!

There are a couple of quirks that I want to let you know...

1. I have no way to do a partial migration so if a forum topic was discussed after I archived the site, it will be lost. Sorry, I wish there was a way I could transfer it. I am going to try to find some way to carry the content over. It won't be perfect but it will be the best I can do.

2. It will look different. I know. Change is scary. But Ning hasn't been upgrading or maintaining their forums so it left us no choice but to find another platform. While some of you may be super pumped about this fact, others may feel a little out of sorts getting used to the new platform. It was the best platform to go to and included a data migration path so that I could move our site over as seamlessly as possible. It also has some nice new features, a full mobile site, and lots of goodies.

3. Passwords & Friendships - there are things like passwords and friendships that Ning does not allow you to archive so we will have to reestablish who our friends are and create a new password. 

4. We are all in it together! I am with you, experiencing a learning curve and hopefully we will all be super pumped once we get the hang of the new site. Woot!

Thanks for bearing with me while I work through the weekend to make Chainlink an awesome digital playground for all things bikey. 



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Not yet. It's still super new to me so I pretty much just outlined everything I know so far with regards to changes/challenges. I'll definitely start a thread so we can capture any odd things with the new tool and eventually have a help/faq doc for everyone to use.

Good to know. Thanks!

Giving this a bump to put it back on top of the newsfeed. 

Very exciting! Cant wait to see the new site when its time to roll out!
'If a forum topic was discussed after I archived the site, it will be lost. Sorry.'

When did you archive the site? Can you give us a better idea of exactly what will be lost?

On August 10. As I mentioned, "I am going to try to find some way to carry the content over. It won't be perfect but it will be the best I can do."

I am not sure what this will look like because they haven't handed the site back over to me yet. Please sit tight for the moment. As I mentioned, I will communicate as I know more.

So everything after 8-10-16 will be lost, or just recently discussed topics? What about pics?

Tom, as I appreciate your concerns, I am going to ask you for a little patience and understanding. We are moving over 24k images, over 13k forum posts, over 12k members, nearly 200 groups, etc. 

So to put that in perspective, when the new site is up, you will need to re-upload your 4 images of your bike to the new site if you'd like to share them. 

Giving it another bump.

Should we save the e-mail and use that password once the new site is up or will another message with another randomly generated password be coming our way?

Hi David, Thanks for checking. You can discard it. The import for the site failed and they haven't been able to get it to work so I am exploring options of purchasing a service to help with the migration. They will need to delete the version that sent the email and start all over again. 

Hopefully this time around they do not send an email out. I didn't want to generate an email with a password (they have two options) but rather allow people to come to the site and create their own password. Does that answer your question?

Thanks for the understanding while we are working through the migration. I am doing additional archiving today so that files are more up to date before attempting another migration. It won't be perfect but I'll do my best to keep it as up to date as possible. I do plan to have the old site up for a few weeks afterwards to reference the old content if anything is missing.

I note in the to-be-ignored e-mail that the site is listed as "", not "". Is the latter URL being abandoned?

And, are you changing the transfer protocol to https?

( article on http vs. https, and a Stack Overflow thread on the same question. For what it's worth, I claim that if you have a site that needs a password, it needs to be https.)



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