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So with all of the new pavement on the northside, I'm questioning on why they did not stripe all of the new pavement prior to this rapid cool down with our weather. Does anyone know what is going on because it is quite the clusterf and someone will seriously get hurt soon out there because it seems that no one knows what to do.

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So from this I am to infer that cyclists are so dumb that without lane markings they'll crash?


With the construction, new paths, and rerouting, riding the LFT on the northside has become much more  interesting lately. It appears the Navy Pier flyover may soon be in operation. I may have to take a time out from all this overload.

I'm torn. In some places with bad lighting the blackness is complete at night and even with a strong headlight you can't see the verges or where the trail goes on its new route around the totem above Belmont Harbor. On the other hand the markings that have been put down further north are slippery.

I experienced the blackness this morning. I have a pretty strong headlight and still felt somewhat uncertain in this area but a lot  of that  had  to do with not knowing new  routing. Still, it was very dark. Fortunately, all the riders at that time of  day (6 am) were experienced and able.

Totally agree. I rode through here the other morning around 6am and was surprised to find long stretches where the pathway lighting was not turned on. I'm assuming the Park District is working on the lighting as part of the trail separation project and will have it back up and running soon. 

I encountered a few other cyclists with no lights and it was very hard to see them, and as you note in some sections it was hard to see the edges of the path, even with a headlight.

i wouldn't assume anything regarding lighting on the lakefront trail; there have been dark stretches for years that never got addressed.

I rode the LFT from Foster to Oak Street Beach and back yesterday.  Lots of people on it and most everyone understood the "pedestrians on one path, bikes on the other" design.  Crews were placing topsoil along the shoulder of the new path.  All in all it was pretty nice.  I'm sure they will get the markings in soon as well.

I'm questioning on why they did not stripe all of the new pavement prior to this rapid cool down with our weather.

  1. New asphalt should cure before painting for proper durability.  Depending on the type of paint, this can be as long as 30 days.
  2. They may be waiting until all the paving is complete before painting so the painting contractor doesnt have to make additional visits.
As a pretty regular rider along portions of the north trail, I have just upgraded the lighting on my bike to an actual 12v fog light designed for a truck. Certain portions of the trail, particularly between Fullerton and Diversey, as well as Recreation Drive near Addison, are completely pitch black darkness. My piddly handlebar light did nothing at all to penetrate the darkness. I honestly could not see the pedestrians ahead of me (nor the bike ninjas). I felt it was truly dangerous.

Before anyone gives me gruff about the bright light, I can control it via my thumb with a handlebar switch. If I see a light coming ahead of me, I turn it off. But fair warning: if you don't have a light on your bike and you're coming at me, expect to be blinded.

Anybody know when they're going to properly light all parts of the trail?

After the navy pier flyover is completed.

I laughed. But the sad thing is, that could legit be the plan.

I saw this on twitter a few weeks ago: 

And this... 


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