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Navy Pier Flyover Misses Another Target Date

"The Navy Pier flyover, meant to connect Chicago’s north and south Lakefront trails, has hit another in a long string of delays that have pushed its completion to the end of 2019 at the earliest.

On Friday, the last day of summer, the project missed another target: The Chicago Department of Transportation failed to award a contract for the third and final phase of the project before the end of summer 2018."

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That stretch will be more congested than the 606 for a lot of the year.

What a joke. Hopefully, the race for a new mayor will inject some political interest in this project.

Maybe they could call what they've done so far a sculpture and just move on 

Parkour time!

I hope a future alderman for the Flyover  area doesn't put up signs and have guards tell us to walk our bikes 'cuz it's too narrow and crowded and disturbing the precious tourists and the whiny neighbors. Geez, I can't wait.-(edit) I'm glad it's taking forever and a day to complete.  

Meanwhile... somehow, the little village of Lincolnwood, within the span of 2 years, has expanded the Skokie Valley trail from Devon north to Dempster, AND is seemingly about to open this bridge crossing Touhy (the concrete wasn't poured on Sunday Sept 30, but the plastic lining was in place, and they even bought plants/trees/shrubbery and landscaped!

The span length and height seem quite similar to the flyover.  Obviously there are site specific challenges to crossing the river and a more "urban" visual aesthetic to the flyover but COME ON Chicago!  How can this little Village just to the north of the city create so much excellent cycling infrastructure in so little time?

Maybe the people who run Lincolnwood aren't all grifters.

You may be on to something. There's a lot more money to embezzle with those half-ass concrete dividers dotted along Dearborn. 

Don't try to get there from the North Branch Trail - there's still a Sauganash Barrier Wall preventing you from getting to go 2000-feet north on the Weber Spur to get to the Saugansh Trail on Bryn Mawr leading to Lincolnwood and the rest of the path going north. 

What a pack of jerks.

I saw trucks loaded with new beams for the flyover on site this morning.

Though the flyover has still not been used, shallow cracks have appeared on the underside, which can be viewed from the sidewalk between Grand and Illinois. Claffey said these are thermal cracks and nothing to worry about.

“It’s not unusual to see them in concrete,” said Claffey. “They form due to temperature fluctuations, and they are not an indication of any structural weakness.”


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