What is everyone doing with the construction on Milwaukee Ave? Are you going right through the area, or going around?

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Thanks, Steven.

Now that the construction is north of Ohio, has anyone ever tried Racine between Kinzie and Milwaukee?

Thanks for the head's up about Green!

I've taken Racine from Ogden to where you have to jog over a bit somewhere around Madison, and that part is perfectly fine to ride. I haven't been on the part north of that, though.

Great discussion.  Screaming obscenities is what I did yesterday reaching it unexpectedly, twice.  My ride's too tight for that, had to square it, late for a movie, pissed about the Pythagorean distance difference.  Glad it's not part of my commute, wish there'd been signs, what's the construction plan?

Anyone know how long the Milwaukee Ave. construction is suppose to last?  I couldn't find anything about it online.

Per CDOT spokesman Pete Scales, "Depending on the weather, we hope to have the resurfacing part of the project complete during the week of Memorial Day."

John Greenfield, Streetsblog Chicago

Shhhh! :) This is a great summer route to the loop when traffic increases on Milwaukee (or take Fulton/Something/Washington). It makes for a very relaxing morning ride. It is also easy to time the lights so you don't have to come to a complete stop too many times.

maryrachel said:

My alt. route to Desplaines is to take Damen down to Warren/Washington. It adds a mile but the asphalt is so buttery smooth that my speed makes up the time. The Washington lane is so wide I'm surprised it's not (at the least) buffered.


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