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Tomorrow is the International Ride of Silence. There are rides all over the area. Most rides start at 7pm but some ask you to show up earlier.  Check  the  listings.  Come ride with fellow travelers as we honor and remember those who have been injured or killed on the roads.  There have been many threads on  this forum over the past few years about riders who have been hurt and drivers who have caused that hurt.  We can all use a little catharsis shared in a positive way.  You do not have to be an expert rider, an insider or anybody special.  You have to have a bike and a heart.  The  rides proceed at a very casual pace and are about 10-12 miles.  The Chainlink  calendar has  a number of local rides listed. Elizabeth is leading the Chicago ride leaving from the Daley Plaza. I am leading  the Evanston  ride leaving  from Wheel and  Sprocket. If you are an experienced rider you will be moved by the slow procession in silence. If you are  a novice rider you  also get that but will also will get to safely ride in a group  and  be enveloped by the community.  You can  find other Illinois Rides of Silence at

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Thanks David,

Do you know when Chicago's information will be updated for 2016? I noticed the 2015 information is still up.

Elizabeth can give more information. They have a Facebook event that reads-


The annual Chicago Ride of Silence is Wednesday, May 18, 2016 (always the third Wednesday in May).
The Chicago Ride of Silence will gather at Daley Plaza beginning at 6pm for a 6:30pm departure and then follow a 10-mile route to honor those who have been killed or injured while riding on our public roadways and it advocates for motorists to share the roads with cyclists.

Please join us after the Ride (8-9pm) for refreshments.

Ride of Silence events are scheduled in communities throughout the Chicagoland area and around the world. To find a Ride of Silence event near you, please visit

If you would like to be involved in the planning, contact us.

A pre-Ride Tribute Event will be hosted the week before the Ride. More details to come.

Follow us on Facebook ( or the Chainlink ( for the latest event info.

In an earlier communication with Elizabeth, her tentative plans for the Chicago 2016 RoS had the ride ending at the Joseph Korner site at Lincoln/Addison with a refreshment reception around 8pm nearby. Other sites planned to visit include, Jackie Michon at Wabash/Wacker, Patrick Stack at Huron/Orleans.
The route will also most probably include Neill Townsend at Wells/Oak and Bobby Cann at Clybourn/Larabee.
Finalized plans are coming shortly.
Please make plans to arrive at the plaza before the 6:30pm departure.
If you are interested in joining the route in progress, I'm sure Andrew Bedno's CM site has it on MassUp.Us.

Thank you goes out to Elizabeth, once again, for organizing another community unifying event with the 2016 Chicago Ride of Silence. Thank you to everyone that came out and rode with us in solidarity. Special thanks goes out to the Police Bicycle Patrol detail that helped us proceed safely and smoothly on this honor ride. Thank you to all that were involved, from start to completion, with the Ghost Bike for Joseph Korner. It was greatly appreciated by his family. And also, thank you goes out to Elizabeth's parents for their special support. See you all at The Chicago Ride of Silence 2017.

Ride of Silence organizer, Chris Phelan, shares the ultimate goals of the ride.

Article from

We had 15 signed up but I am pretty sure we had 20 riders in Evanston for a meaningful ride that ended with a large yell when we returned to Wheel and Sprocket. The shop was a gracious host inviting us in for pizza, beer and water to talk about our experiences including one rider who shared about his  injury on the road after  being hit by a car in  February.  

A very special thank you goes to MJ for preparing and installing the Ghost Bike for Joseph Korner. MJ was so helpful through out the process. I can't thank her enough. Working Bikes was kind enough to provide a bike similar to the one Jay used to ride and Performance Bikes provided the place to prepare the bike. Lindy wrote me a very heartfelt thank you to everyone that helped. 

Thank you. Your help was appreciated.

Picture of Joseph Korner Ghost Bike.

Pictures from the Ride of Silence 2016:

Tracking map from Strava on the ride:

Thanks goes out to the Cycling Community.

"Our Chains Do Set Us Free!"

Videos - Chicago Ride of Silence 2016, May 18th. Part A - 1:55 Part B - 7:29


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