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After some time experimenting, I think I've found the perfect route to get from the end of the Northside LFT (at Ardmore) to the Glenwood bikeway.  I was looking for this route because I had been taking Bryn Mawr and felt like it was too narrow for the traffic and bikes. (And Berwyn/Balmoral is OK, but my goodness does Edgwater love its speed bumps).

So in case it helps anyone going from the true end of the Northside LFT towards destinations west, here is my new tweak.  (Works well enough eastbound too.)

1. Take Ardmore west to Broadway.

2. At Broadway hang a left at the light and then a quick right on Victoria St. 

3. Follow Victoria til it ends at Ardmore.  Turn left.

4. Go 1 block west to Glenwood, then turn left (right by Senn High School).

This has a light to cross Ridge safely (with a cool piece of bike art at Ridge/Glenwood) and is a lot safer I think than some of the routes in Andersonville.

(I turn on Olive and then Clark to avoid Pierce school and head towards the Bowmanville Bypass but that's a different discussion!)

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That's a great route. Thanks for sharing.

Just south of Bryn Mawr Catalpa and Balmoral are (lightly traveled) one-way streets that are great for direct access from the lake as far west as Ravenswood. I live over by Loyola and they're handy streets for going west to Ravenswood.

Bryn Mawr is very narrow (and busy east to Broadway). Balmoral (eastbound) and Catalpa (westbound) are as narrow but one way. You have to leave the bike path and cross under Lake Shore Drive just above Foster but it would avoid the jog for Ardmore. And if you're going farther west than Glenwood there are signals for crossing Ashland and since Ridge ends at Bryn Mawr you don't have to deal with it.

+1.  This is my daily commute route.  CDOT is considering making these an east-west greenway connection.

Yes, I have done that in the past.

I didn't like the speed bumps, which Andersonville seems to have in droves.

And not really relevant, but the view from the shoreline just north of Foster Beach is incredible in the winter, which is part of why I go by Bryn Mawr and off the true LFT towards the shoreline.  There's that cool/weird sculpture of a person too.

Not the shortest route but I find filling my mornings with beauty makes me a happier person and nicer too.


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