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The planned bike path route has many sharp turns and detours closer to the lake.  This doesn't seem very realistic.  If this is enforced, I may take streets south to Montrose and pick up the LFT there.  I don't think this is what the public had in mind for the trail separation project.

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Those sharp turns are connections from the street, not a replacement for what's already there. The detours are maybe a bit much, but I doubt they'll add as much time as a stoplight will.

I typically take this.  It's WAY BETTER.

First, it's nice to actually be close to the lakeshore when on the drive instead of just pedaling parallel to the highway. I get on at Bryn Mawr and seeing the lake right there is my favorite part.  The time is not terribly different from the existing path.

The second issue is that the street conflicts between Montrose and Ardmore are bad, esp. Montrose.  Having to figure out whose turn it is to go is always crappy.

It's easy to get out and try it now.

(and what "the public had in mind".... did the public have much in mind?  Wasn't this mostly built because the money came?)

Not sure why that link won't work.  I searched google and came up with the entire construction list. and click the link.

Yeah, some of those underpass approaches look awfully sharp.  But they are pretty much sticking with the original route.  Crossing Simonds Dr near Foster looks like a problem, if Simonds is busy.  Like the new trail crossing Lawrence ave.  Hope it isn't too busy or they put in a bridge.  Changing the Wilson underpass approaches looks bad.  Make sure they put in a wide turn there.  Wish the northbound trail would go straight over Monstrose to join the trail on the other side instead of swinging down to the underpass.  

The new Ardmore to Montrose bike route will add about half a mile to the trip:


That’s 2 minutes at 15mph or 90 seconds at 20mph which is probably made up by not waiting for pedestrians. 

I'm a little behind the times, on hearing that's what they'll do between Montrose and Ardmore. Wouldn't be surprised, if when I was trying to save time and there weren't a lot of people out walking or running, went on biking the old route. Don't get me wrong, I have walked(more than I have biked) the proposed new route, and like that too. But it is only a half additional mile, so maybe I'll adapt to this.

Any schedule on when construction of this portion, will start? The streetsblog article I looked at that was linked to, didn't say anything about when construction may possibly start on this new segment. Unless I missed it somewhere, and I looked for that info to no avail. Anyone know?

At least you don't have to worry about being literally arms-length away from speeding cars going over 60 mph on Lakeshore Drive like sections of the new trail will have you doing on the south end. 

You mean to say you're not happy about the new bike lane on LSD?


I despise taking the cyclists path in that stretch (North - Fullerton). Coming southbound, you are looking at cars and less than 15 ft away from a major highway. The jogging path is much quieter (less car noise) and more pleasant. 

Let's not be too harsh on joggers on the upper path, since we'll probably expect some consideration for when cyclists take the jogging path, whatever the reason.

And worse, that path is very narrow with deep sand on either side. In a few places you could even tumble into Lake Shore Drive. Also there's fencing so you have to go around a bit if you want to cross the pedestrian bridge.

I'm expecting a lot of congestion there this summer.


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