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He just did walk right into the street starring into his phone.  I just barely managed to swerve around him and he had the gall to yell at me "#!@#$ you I just lost the nidorino!!!" This stupid, racist game is a bike safety menace and should be banned.

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Perhaps this is a new category for the Darwin Awards

It has that potential.

Saturday. Out for a ride with the Dog & Dahon. Here comes a twenty-something down the trail at Tri-County Park. Oh yeah, he is out for a poke-zombie walk... Phone in one hand... And?!? A golf club in the other!! Oh yeah. After what he read on the internet about the "real world", I guess he was taking no chances.

The North Shore Channel Trail this weekend was like a g*****n Walking Dead episode.

At least some of my stock holdings are increasing.

When Google spun off Niantic I figured they had to have a plan and that Ingress was a proof of concept for it. Pokemon is a great franchise to use the technology thanks to the TV show.

Now they are driving into parked police cars at 3:28:32 am.



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