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... by what I saw on my commute this morning, so naturally, I blogged about it:

Come on People!

I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here, but thought I'd throw that out anyway...

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Skip, I usually ride in between 7:30 and 8:00 and the behavior you describe has exploded since the fair weather commuters have come back.  It just proves that there are "special" people using all modes of transportation.

Lord yes, it is rampant now!

I can't believe you've just noticed the behavior you described. Or was it a bit too much of it today?

Two things, I think.

  1. I normally ride to and from work before the people I observed today (in by 0700, out by 1600). There is generally much less traffic of all types (cars, peds, bikes) during my normal commute times, so there are fewer opportunities to hit school kids or be hit by cars.
  2. The onset of warm weather -- as Lisa suggested -- seems to have brought out all the bikies who forgot their manners over the winter.
I love this forum for things like this. It's good to vent with people who can relate. I just try to find silver lining to things like this and laugh about it when I can. Like yesterday I saw some kid riding, he had no bike seat at all and no brakes and was using the soles of his shoes to skid to a stop at red lights.

He was riding impaled on the seatpost?!

He didn't even have a seat post and the hole where the seat post should've been had some metal cap on it for no apparent reason.

The LFP is starting to turn into a Cat 4 Crit again. 


Yup. It's only a matter of time before I see my first wreck of the season. This morning I got passed by someone on an electric bike that was going even faster than the racers. Someone's going to *really* get hurt by one of those, soon.

Seems likely to happen, unfortunately.

Maybe la polizia will hand out a few tickets before that happens. One could hope.

I know there probably isn't an official "speed limit" on the LFT, but if the reckless driving statute applies there, that might be usable as a device with which to bring reckless riders to heal.



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