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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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Clark Street, that dark street in this tottlin' town.

What a workout.

Fun ride today.  I feel like I'm getting so much better at biking in the snow.  (Probably should have gotten snow tires, but now it's too late.) Major streets in Lincoln Park were plowed sometime this evening, so the conditions at 9pm were much better than, say, 5pm.  Should be a fairly easy ride tomorrow as long as you stick to the major streets.

Ditto to what Jenny said.

Biking today was too much fun. I definitely spun out much less than all of the vehicles I saw. I wish we had another 4" tomorrow, but 40°F sounds alright too I guess. 

I probably would have ridden today if I hadn't had to drag my horn to work with me.

Pretty sure I'm walking tomorrow.

Almost talked myself out of it today. People were freaking out over the conditions yesterday evening on Twitter, so I worried that things wouldn't be rideable by this morning. That was the part of me that thinks.

The other part of me let some more air out of my tires, double-checked my alternate routes, and set out - I didn't want to miss out on today's 40-degree promise. I had a lot of fishtailing, and I went too slow to really get into it, but that sun against by legs - it felt good. And now a 40-degree commute home (albeit with a headwind) to look forward to.

Another thing I like about commuting via bicycle, no need to shovel snow for an hour just to get out of a parking spot.  (or just do a "porthole" and hope you don't smash into something/someone.)

Didn't ride yesterday cause no worky work.  This morning was nice, plowed through lots of slush  no problem since it wasn't frozen.  Yes, I know warm is nice but I had just tuned my clothing system just right, and now its warming up and I gotta re-tune it or Im gonna be a sweaty mess...  all Im sayin is I like it when the temp is steady for a while so I don't have to rethink my outfit.  still, two thumbs up for this morning.  
AM 9.5 said:

That sun is starting to feel warm again. The slush is very loose and manageable. The drivers carving little portholes in the snow on their windows and passing on the right are not very manageable. Must've seen about 8 or 9 examples of that this morning.

The lake front path was okay but the underpasses at North and Oak were untouched, so getting off the trail was a pain this morning.

Due to a power outage sometime in the night none of my alarms went off, and I woke up 15 minutes before I had to be at work.... so I ended up riding.  Not hard at all (neither the disturbed nor undisturbed snow were particularly viscuous), but pretty messy.

h' 1.0 said:

I probably would have ridden today if I hadn't had to drag my horn to work with me.

Pretty sure I'm walking tomorrow.

Some icy spots from yesterday thaw, to be expected, especially from high traffic streets and business entrances. Be careful and ride a little slower than normal.

What a great ride this morning.  Be careful on sidewalks and paths due to icy spots that froze overnight.

Am I the only one that feels like my effort (perceived effort?) increases exponentially as the temperature drops below freezing?  Divvy was a breeze today in 3rd gear, but I'm huffing and puffing in 2nd gear when the temp is in the teens.

I agree about the decrease in effort necessary. For me, it was the loss of extra layers that made every thing seem so much easier. 

LFT was clear from Hyde Park with exception of some icy patches and deep icy puddles.


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