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Anyone know how to suggest a bike/walking trail on google maps now that google mapmaker is gone?

I was able to suggest a "missing road", but I'm not sure I did it correctly since it's not a road... its a bike and walking path.

Anyone have luck adding bike and walking suggestions since Mapmaker went away in mid 2017?

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no one has needed to add a bike path on google maps?

I haven't done it recently, but that's the tool I would use now.

I typically add routes on Ride Gps. I used to use google maps but you are able hone your route better on Ride Gps.

From The Chainlink Facebook page, "You can click on the menu button, scroll down and send feedback. This probably falls under, add a missing street. Then follow the instructions." - Ryan B Cate

I've tried this with no success :( I got an email back from Google after a long time saying they accepted my suggestion but after checking back on Google Maps it's still not there

Shoot. That's not good.

At times in the past when I've submitted error corrections to Google (like incorrect street names), I usually had to submit them more than once before the changes were made.

Thanks all.  So I guess I'm doing it right according to Rya

It may be a bit more byzantine but  if you like to use Google maps continue to do it but use that as your resource and then create the route in Strava, Ride with GPS or some other app. I have a Suunto watch so I use Movescount. I have created routes in Strava. When I plan a ride I have at least three windows open. I have Google so I can get a good overview and see places to stop and eat or rest. I have a state bike route map open so I can double check that the route is actually good for bikes. Finally I have Movescount or Strava open and create the route I keep on my watch and pass out to others with that software. One thing nice about Strava as that the Print command creates a cue sheet.

I think Julie was asking how she can add the route to Google Maps so that other people can see that a certain route is good for bikes--not for her own planning purposes. I could be wrong, though!

Your method sounds like something I would do, lol :)

It would be the first time I failed to understand. :-)

I plan my routes with Ride With GPS, usually on Google Maps (there are other options, like Open Street, USGS Topo, etc.); consult a state DOT maps for "bikeable" roads; and Strava "heat map" to see where its users ride most.


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