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Not far, just around the block.  Slippery where it wasn't shoveled well.

I just wanted to be first to start this discussion.

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955 outdoor miles in May for a total of 2,955 outdoor miles in 2020...excluding 909 Zwift miles.

This thread seems so wildly irrelevant right now, with a pandemic accompanied by economic cratering and social chaos rocking the U.S.A.  And still we want to carry on like nothing is out of the ordinary. And still I ride. Is this some expression of freedom, sanity management, or just privilege?

May(ed) it out with 1,121 miles and 11 Perimeter Rides on the month, bringing me to 2,905 miles y-t-d (1,865 road +1,044 hamster) and 13 PRs on the season. Cut into Curt(is)2109's lead, now trailing by 548 miles.    

idk, I think it allows people to feel like there's some normalcy. I don't track my miles anymore but I understand and appreciate the fun in tracking. 

I did not go riding over the weekend last weekend though. How are you doing? Did you ride at all last weekend?

I walked Lily over tp NIH (National Institute of Health) and Walter Reed Medical Center last Friday. Not very many people on the trail that way. 

While do I understand the powerful psychological pull of the desire for a return to "normalcy", is it even appropriate to feel "normal" right now?? We SHOULD feel uncomfortable, out of sorts, out of our routines, off of our default settings. 

That being said, yes, I did Perimeter Rides on Friday, Saturday, and Monday. Yesterday's ride was a personal best, performed in 5 1/2 hours. I could have even trimmed a little on the performance if  I hadn't had to tack west out to Goose Island due to the lakefront and the Central Business District being shutdown. 

Mostly sanity management for me. It's nice to think you can control some aspect of your life. Aside from walking, cycling is my only exercise (pre-pandemic as well).

I see it as wanting to carry on despite so much being out of the ordinary. Anybody (who isn't disabled) can ride. I see it as something to feel grateful for, but not a privilege.

But there are drivers who might agree with you. Riding back on King yesterday, I stopped at a light, one car crossed in front of me, and the next car sat there. So I crossed. The lady in the next car yelled at me, "white privilege!"

758.3 after ride to 18th Street to celebrate the reopening of their patio space. extrapolation for 2020: 1820.9.

Just passing 1,000 miles this week.  A little bit above average.

934.7 through last Sunday. 

951.3 after reopening with Sixth Step Ride. extrapolation for 2020 up to 1984.1.

Does this mean 3Floyds has re-opened??

alas, only for curbside pickup. but it's a way to get their beer in growlers. :-)


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