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Since my accident, (2 weeks ago, fractured ribs), several friends(?) have suggested an adult tricycle with a big basket in the back. Well, forget that for now, BUT, as I recall, back in the 1990s, there was a prototype, carbon fiber, full size trike, which featured some engineering that allowed the two rear wheels to move closer together as speed increased. My Googling hasn't turned anything up, so far.  Does anybody else remember that, and/or have any info on same ? Thank you.

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You can get those fairly cheap.  But the high performance trikes tend to have two front wheels and you sit down very low to the ground.

Thanks Mike. I've seen those HPV style trikes, too. I'm just wondering now, if the one I described ever even made it beyond prototype. Keep on Pedalin'.

Naturally, the British have this covered:

Thank you.

Hey Greg, So sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you are healing well. Take care!

Yasmeen, thank you. I'm trying to heal. Keep on pedalin'. Greg

No luck with the narrow wheeled trike I described. However, UWM students have come up with a trike where ALL of the wheels lean into a turn.

I suggest speaking with Joe Reichart at Amlings in Niles. They specialize in recumbents and adult trikes are a subset of those.

Daniel, thank you. I guess I'd better clarify. I'm not seriously in the market for a tri, not yet anyway. But, I'm glad I started a discussion on the capabilities of them. Take care, keep on pedalin', and, stay safe. Greg


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